FBI Sets Up Karen Hanover Victim Hotline – Please come forward

The FBI has released a  press  release  asking anyone that is a victim of Karen Hanover  Fast Track program or any of her bootcamp victims  to please step forward and discuss the matter and file your complaint with them. There is now a hotline set up for her and all her victims at 310-477-6565.

Case #  Karen Hanover318E-LA-256665

This is a great time for all victims to be able to come forward and not feel threatened by Karen Hanover or her legal team for a law suit for complaining and asking for refunds. She cannot bully people around any more!

If you like to recover your money please step forward and make sure you file your case.

For the ones that have filed please make sure you contact this # and ask to see if they have your current contact and phone # as FBI has been sending out letter to all victims that have come forward. if you have filed with FBI before and have not received a victim information and case information please call 310-477-6565

SPECIAL agent in charge of this case  is Paul Bonin.

DOWNLOAD :  Karen Hanover FBI Compliant

this file is in Adobe PDF format

Please come forward to present your case to further charges against Karen Hanover


UPDATE 14 FEB 2011

I have been looking for additional ways to help you recoup your loss…

I found that Dandrew Capital Partners are offering access to their complete Dandrew Triage Commercial Course, a $2k value, for only $1.00.


In addition, you will also receive a Free 30 day trial on their monthly membership site, where they will have access to their live calls and Continuing Education Library, and can interact with other members as well as ask questions directly to their Analysts desk in the NYC office. After the 30 day trial is over, the cost of the monthly membership site is $97/mo and they can cancel any time.a


IF you are in Santa Ana, CA this weekend.. you can attend a two day intensive multifamily investing workshop put on by two top attorneys for only $397 instead of the normal $2,000 price tag.


People are pulling together to help others who got ripped off!

I wish you all the success you dreamed about in commercial investing.


9 thoughts on “FBI Sets Up Karen Hanover Victim Hotline – Please come forward

    1. J Michael

      Whether Karen is real or not remains for the courts and victims to decide, WHAT I find disturbing is that someone made a FACEBOOK profile illegally, it is against Fb TOS to make a profile on an individual that is not that person. HMMM, seems people only like the legal system as it suits them but using social media inappropriately is ok. WTF is the difference between YOU Fb profile creator and Karen – except she made money.

      1. Duncan Wierman Post author

        You got to be kidding.. with all the evidence .. you still think Karen is legit .. ROFL..

        I dont think they created a personal profile of Karen – they created a page to tell people of the events ..

        I cant believe you are putting someone who puts up an scam page about Karen on the same level of karen hanover who ripped off millions, created false credentials, and threatened them as a fake FBI agent…

        If you find a facebook page disturbing about her .. rather then seeing justice done … this really says something about you… or that you are just like Karen

      2. Robert Kim

        @J Michael:
        If you have a problem with that Karen Elaine Hanover Facebook page, you’re welcome to discuss it with me (my email and website are available at the link in my name). If Facebook takes it down, I’m putting it back up whether it be on Facebook or elsewhere. I was in Dallas and saw it all unfold. Karen is a very gifted speaker and a master at persuasion. Too bad she chose to use her gifts to steal from others. I hope after she gets out of prison that the rest of her life is a living Hell and, after her life is over, she burns in Hell for eternity for degrading the lives of others in her greedy quest to enrich her own.

        On the other hand, there are ethical gurus like Duncan who choose to use their gifts to help others, not hurt them. But that is a different topic.

  1. Debbie Ciampi

    DISGUSTING and DISTURBING to watch that video.
    She is screwed all the evidence needed is right there.
    Thanks for posting that video to prove what a scu/’mbag she truly is.
    Ending the video with the “MONEY” song……….omg

  2. Karen Hanover Is Not Real

    It is Sick and sad for all the Victims thats shes gone this far without been arrested.

    She had created so much confusion with her non-sense contract that most people had forgotten what they really signed up for and gave her all the $$$$.

    We have so much more evidence on her… Good Bye Karen Scam Over


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