Karen E. Hanover ARRESTED –

Thank God –  Thanks to the FBI and Thanks to all that came forward!

The Real Estate Info Marketing Business will never be the same again .. I hope this is a warning to all the other fraudsters out there!

I am on a cruise and checked my email yesterday to this great news.  I really want to encourage EVERYONE at this point and come forward …. you need to be aware that their is a chance to recover your money !!


I will post more after the 15th on my return..


3 thoughts on “Karen E. Hanover ARRESTED –

  1. FRED P.

    Is there a DC FAWCETT VICTIM HOTLINE YET????. Please let me know….I spent thousands..and got NOTHING in return. AND WORKED HARD..and did everything they said. Damned Fraudsters…PUT THEM IN JAIL..and get my $$ back !!!!ty ty

    1. Duncan Wierman Post author

      There is no DC Fawcett hot-line yet. but he is on the FBI radar! You do have a valid claim to get a refund. Contact his office, and if no result, you can contact your credit card company and provide them with the details of the FBI investigation to assist you in recovering monies paid.


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