Mortgage Assignment/Subject 2 Promoters THREATEN me with lawsuit

Today I got the telephone call from two prominent promoters of a certain mortgage assignment/subject to product warning me  that IF I posted their names on my blog (as I did with Karen Hanover) … I would be sued for hundreds of thousands of dollars in their state.

Why would that be if they knew what they were doing is legitimate? One other promoter even  tried to bribe me and say… “Come on they will promote you if you lay off them!!  RIGHT.. like they ever offered to promote me until I spoke up about this scheme.

This has made me even mad now and once again I am ready to take on a certain group of real estate info marketers who only are interested in taking your hard earned dollars!   I can assure you that they don’t care about you one bit. Once they get their money they will disappear, leaving you with the mess to clean up.

Get the full story about the truth about mortgage assignments and how he went to jail for it.

Stay away from Mortgage Assignments/Subject to !

Stay tuned for more news from the National Association of Realtors, Mortgage Compliance and Servicing Industry, Top Banks and more


2 thoughts on “Mortgage Assignment/Subject 2 Promoters THREATEN me with lawsuit

  1. Duncan Wierman Post author

    The interesting thing is that payback is a bitch.
    They want to threaten me with a lawsuit…
    I wonder how they would like their state district attorney look at their scheme to defraud…
    or HUD to do a forensic audit on their house that was purchased via a short sale..
    or the Realtor Commission to review their dealings??

  2. Matthew Pape

    OOOOOOOooooo…….. Forensic Loan Audit, I like that.

    One of the promotions of this Mortgage Assignment product had an e-mail with the subject line, “Mortgage Assignments are Illegal.”


    I know the logic behind that e-mail. It probably had a link to a 30 minute life-draining time wasting video saying, “People will say this is illegal, but I’ll tell you why it’s not.”

    I didn’t even both to look at it or the promotions for this product because I already have contracts for what’s legal and safe…. “lease-option”.



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