Why I Think Zack Childress Automated Wholesaling System is Totally BOGUS


1. You DO NOT need to buy Real Estate course!

2. You DO NOT need to listen to another webinar!

3. You DO NOT need to join another site!

4. You DO NOT need to subscribe another service!

5. You DO NOT need to attend another boot camp!

Let me set the record straight, even if it makes a lot of people mad. You do not need more “Real Estate Investing” information or courses. It’s just more information overload. Chances are, your bookshelves are full of courses, and your inbox is overflowing with more offers for special webinar training! You’re drowning in real estate information.

If words were money, you’d already be rich. In the last few months you have received hundreds of emails about:

  • Foreclosure Investing,
  • Short Sales,
  • Tax Sale Arbitrage,
  • Lease Options
  • Website Internet Systems,
  • and now yet one more twisted spin on a Wholesaling course

Let me ask you …..

Has it ALL helped you one single bit?

WAKE UP !!! Stop buying this crap! You don’t need it! You already have enough information that you should be able to put together into a simple, workable plan that will pay you good money! If you believe that buying a new “flavor of the week” real estate system is so revolutionary “that’s is going to change the real estate investing world forever” you have another thing coming! It is NOT going to help you one bit….unless your goal is to go broke. Its the same old stuff repackaged to make you think you need it! This is just another wholesaling course for crap’s sake!

Zach has simply re-badged his MLS Gorilla software (as it was buggy as all hell), so he does not have to keep updating each state’s NAR contracts – Look what others are saying…

Not only this. His “free software ” is nothing more than putting a FRAME around the Connected Investor Site HERE!


Below are the types of emails that people send me all the time:

Dear Duncan.

I’ve think I have bought every course available that gurus have promoted with emails promising me riches. I just don’t know WHAT to do or who to believe anymore. Nothing is working, and my credit card is maxed out. They make, so man promises before you buy, but when the rubber meets the road.. you cant get hold of them, or they are trying to sell you a 25,000 mentoring course that promises me the world. I cant‘ afford that. My wife is already so mad at me.. its unbearable.

I just need someone to show me what to do. I’m not an idiot. If I can have someone show me what do just ONCE, I know I can do it. I don’t need to make a fortune. I just want to provide a good living for my family. I must start making money instead of spending more! Please, can you help me with some personal coaching where I can ask questions to someone who is doing deals, and not some guy in a UTAH call center, who reads a script and who never did a deal in his life?

Please can we can work together to grow MY business? I’ll be glad to pay for HELP, but I don’t want another real estate course that promises me everything but delivers nothing..

Please help?


Name withheld


 Does that sound like you? It makes me sad! Hard working people from all walks of life find themselves not achieving the success they deserve! NO better off today than this time last year and are actually in a worse position now because having more debt and the stress that goes along with it.

IT HAS GOT TO STOP! If you find yourself as one of them. You can’t live like that.

I am completely honest when I tell what is “really” needed instead of yet one more real estate course.


31 thoughts on “Why I Think Zack Childress Automated Wholesaling System is Totally BOGUS

  1. Robert Kim

    Duncan, I wish real estate educators would make their money from actually doing real estate rather than casting out a wide net to just sell info products to unsuspecting newbies. Almost makes me want to stop doing real estate and just rehash stuff to resell to the naive. With a big enough email list, it would be a pretty good living.

  2. Fred A.

    First I want to say many thanks for your courage in exposing some of these so called gurus.
    As a real estate investor an entrepreneur, with over 50 years of in the trenches experience, I am totally blown away by some of the “Gurus” touting 5-8 years of experience and have this new “Secret”. Just on the off-chance that they may have something new (I am not at all opposed to learning some new technique), I have purchased multiple “Courses” to discover their “Secret”, and guess what…. I have been using these “Secrets” throughout my entire career!
    I truly feel sorry for all the people that have been taken in by all of this baloney.
    Then to add insult to injury, they try to sell you another “Gurus” product.
    Thank you!!!

  3. Jerry

    Too many so called “gurus’ sitting at home on the butts trying to convince us how to make millions and they certainly are not millionaires, but trying to get rich on us.
    I’ve had the (inter)courses and continue to get bombarded with hollow offers….take Kris K. for example. He took so many of us and our money and went south with it. Some say he is “genious”. I say he is clever and just like most other gurus is in it for the money, even unto their own detriment.

  4. Andy Rumple

    I live in Indianapolis and I mentor wholesaling students. The charge? Free, but I do ask for deal splits
    for the first 5 deals. I do not make money unless what I teach makes my students money. So far my students have done over 20 deals. I’ve thought about charging up front because I get a lot of students who never do anything when they learn the material. I was wondering what you think as far as structuring up front money vs deal splits in a way which is fair for everyone. I want to provide real value and not be “slick” lol.
    Thank You

    1. Duncan Wierman Post author

      I don’t have a problem asking for some upfront money but some of these guys are being ridiculous. The latest is asking for 25K .. WT? Claiming its a deal, because his “real world value” is 180K .. WT – You can go to Harvard cheaper at that real world price.

      I think 2K is fair, then deal splits are the way to go. I do the same thing.. This way the mentor / coach has “skin ” into the student. Its a two way street..
      its not just so the teacher can make money.


      Hi Andy,
      I am one of those ones that bought programs from the so called Gurus. I would love for you to mentor me. I really like the idea of sharing the profit. I think if your student does a deal, you both could split the profits. If a student does not do a deal because he or she is to lazy they should be charged for your time. Call me 530-873-1037

  5. real estate coaching

    Fantastic items from you, man. I have be aware your stuff previous to and you’re simply too fantastic. I really like what you have obtained right here, really like what you’re saying and the way in which through which you assert it. You are making it entertaining and you still care for to stay it sensible. I can’t wait to read far more from you. This is really a tremendous web site.

  6. sean (707) 514 0456

    Hi Ducan

    Would you please send me more info re “… IF YOU HAVE BEEN VICTIMIZED BY PHIL GROVE / MAPS / AMPS … If you and have not been successful, or get a refund when you asked for one, or even found yourself in court, Contact me urgently. I can provide you a reference for free legal advice !… ” or tell me how I can contact you?!?! Thx Sean

    1. imtheauthorofmylife

      Hey Duncan! wanted to speak with you about me obtaining refund of the Automated Dealmaker offers by Zack Childress and M. Walters (co-partner). I’ve ask for a refund but was denied… told me that I had three (3) days to request refund but they can’t provide me with proof. I’m in day 15th day of owning system… Please advise. PJ (phoes66@mns.com

      1. Duncan Wierman Post author

        He wont give it back to you as he is desperate for money.
        The best thing to do, is to go to your credit card company, and ask them to do a charge back dispute.
        3 days to request a refund is unethical. He has to show you signed for it as such.

  7. Duncan Wierman Post author

    Here is one more example of Zach copying others ideas…
    Looks strangely similar to my JV Facilitation course

    The 7 Key Steps to Being a Successful Real Estate Investor building upon co-wholesaling and the REI Quick Cash

    Zack simply cannot come up with anything original on his own

  8. imtheauthorofmylife

    Hey Duncan! wanted to speak with you about me obtaining refund of the Automated Dealmaker offers by Zack Childress and M. Walters (co-partner). I’ve ask for a refund but was denied… told me that I had three (3) days to request refund but they can’t provide me with proof. I’m in day 15th day of owning system… Please advise. PJ Hoes (phoes66@mns.com

  9. Mzax

    Hey Duncan…read your review of this Zach Childress webinar and his Automated program…and it does look familiar to every one else’s…So..how does a new person to real estate with a desire to succeed..find a good program to follow and make money?? That’s where I am! Have bought programs, plans, received refunds, but no clear picture of what to do next…appreciate your suggestions…Max

      1. christianhcevallos

        Thanks for the tip… But seriously I don’t see how this program is bad since everyone here is recommending getting training and support if you’re new and that $2k is a fair price for it… The automated system is only $995 and in the fine print it says no refund. Maybe a good advice that should be made is that you should’ve read the fine print before singing up. I’m starting to think some of the people on this page wasn’t so bright to begin with, let alone succeed in rei. This system is made for newbies, so what may be obvious and a waste of money to some of you won’t be for someone else. Not to mention the other benefits this program has to offer that you’re failing to see. Btw I have not purchased this system yet, I ran into this one sided forum and thought I’d give my 2 cents.

      2. christianhcevallos

        $69 a month is A LOT more expensive than $995. If you had a profitable system that would generate business for your customers, why would you have a refund policy in place. You would in essence be giving it away for free. I’m more sold on a no refund policy, no nonsense system, than all the ones that promise a refund because that sounds like a faster way to get into your wallet. Plus no one here is raving about the programs you posted either… If I had a system that was making me a lot of money I could see how some people would not be raving about it and creating more competition.

  10. Duncan Wierman Post author

    Take 1 year at $69 x 12 months = 828 .. My math shows that as cheaper! Zack also has monthly cost which are HUGE. Zack is FULL of B/S as he never has partnered with anyone.. BUT if you want to partner with me- I will do that too for a 50/50 split. – If you want me to offer it to you with NO refund or TRIAL – Great – send me 69 and I will set you up with an account.

    I know that people don’t have $995 to spend upfront. I want them to make money faster with out risk.. So giving the a trial first to see if its for them, is a very good idea. When they make money if they want to upgrade to no monthly they can do that for the difference.

  11. christianhcevallos

    What I meant is the price for the system stops at the initial cost rather than a subscription that can go on indefinitely… Duncan this is starting to sound more like an advertisement to sell your product and bashing the competitor than an unbiased analysis about the automated system.What makes you think I’ll just sign up with you, by just taking your word for it? Why are you bashing this guy with no proof other than arbitrary complaints from people on Facebook. I’d be interested in hearing from someone who did use this system and saw results. But I wouldn’t expect them to come here especially with all this hostility.

    1. Duncan Wierman Post author

      @Christianhcevallos – Please read the article and comments from real users to answer your questions.

      I bet you are getting emails like this from him and promoters that make wild claims that are totally against FTC rules.

      “You still CAN learn how to generate juicy, big money deals… from home… while “working” just minutes per day… using a fully-automated system. (The same system Zack used to generate $400,000.00 last month alone…) Learn How Zack Made $79K Profit On A Deal He Didn’t Even Remember Doing!

      Josh Cantwell
      P.S. Generate as many big-money deals as you can handle… with just a few clicks of your mouse. It’s all done in just minutes per day… on total autopilot.


  12. Duncan Wierman Post author

    You have not even bought his product NOR have you read all the complaints. I also said you can upgrade anytime after you trial , or monthly payment for 497 to get it. Zack had access to my software and course materials, copied them, and started to resell them. If you want to go with Zack be my guest – BUT buyer beware!

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  14. angry newbie

    I HAVE bought the Zac Childress product Automated Wholesaling Systems from REI Success Academy and I am afraid it is vaporware at the moment. That is a fact. It is 3 months since I bought it and they still can’t deliver. And their excuse? “the system is being improved”. (another way of saying it never worked) . My disillusionment is growing into anger. I will soon be too angry to speak to the REISA office. Drop a note to the Better Business Bureau and cite this posting.

  15. Brent

    Duncan you’re on Rip-Off Report as well…

    You’re also on other sites where they claim you scammed ‘tons’ of people. I stopped reading after 15 minutes.

    duncan wierman LYING, THIEF, bottom feeder…

    Such a headache reading all the negative reviews on both you and Childress.

    1. Duncan Wierman Post author

      If you follow the post on there, no one lost money with me. I also placed this guy who put me on rip off report, to the FBI for bank fraud. You can read that he conned many people.
      The other guy in his reply, APOLOGIZED as there was a miscommunication and he did get his refund. Why don’t you read the ENTIRE Report before you making your stupid comments?

      You even admitted to have stop reading the report after 15 minutes. Maybe if you had enough sense to read it to the end, you would have seen it was resolved. That makes you the ass for not doing your full research!


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