How to GET A Karen Hanover REFUND For Course and Bootcamp

Robert Kim has just confirmed that D.C. Fawcett is still honoring refunds for the Hanover course and the bootcamp and Robert is of the understanding that Chris McLaughlin is doing this as well.

Robert Kim just posted details at the “Karen Shrine”

Please notify as many people as you can to do two things:

Demand FULL refunds from the affiliates who sold the Hanover course and/or bootcamp to them. So far, they are only responsible for the price of the course and/or bootcamp, not for Fastrack. Only if Karen is convicted of criminal fraud can they possibly be pulled to pay back the Fastrack victims.

Contact Agent Paul Bonin at the LA office of the FBI to file fraud complaints with him. It is imperative that Karen be convicted of CRIMINAL fraud or else the Fastrack money will be gone since Karen will succeed in stealing several millions of dollars if it remains only a civil issue and not a criminal one.

Robert spoke with Agent Bonin last week and it sounds like he needs more victims and witnesses to step forward. I posted a video of Karen selling her Fastrack scam in Dallas in the Videos section of the “Karen Shrine” to refresh the memories of the victims on what was sold to them at:

Bob Kim
Phone: 803-292-222


5 thoughts on “How to GET A Karen Hanover REFUND For Course and Bootcamp

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  2. Duncan Wierman Post author

    Just told by credible source

    Kent Clothier Jr. at 1-800-Sell-Now sold $58K of Karen Hanover’s stuff and never got his fee. He fells he was screwed but no thought of his clients.

    Surprise, surprise.

    1. Kent Clotheir

      Just saw this post – anyone that feels that they did not receive their bonus materials – can contact our office immediately at 888-411-1705 Ext 703. Our records indicate that we have delivered all materials to all buyers.

      Kent Clothier


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