Personal Review of Zack Childress Launch of AWS – Scam –

1In my opinion after watching this launch,  Zack Childress does not have ONE original idea in his head. Even these “revolutionary”  blueprints he came out  with to give away are  NOTHING new.  LOOK AT  THEM.. This has all been said before.  Its also laughable for him to say that you can have these blueprints  in a  “poster size” version for $395 to hang all over your office walls! – (who does that ?)  Not one idea in this course is original or noteworthy.

As I watched his presentation –  Shockingly,  its found it very similar to MINE!  I know they say that copying is the best form of flattery – but not today!   Maybe you can figure out by now why I have a grudge against this guy.   He regurgitates information.  He is not a thought leader, but a simple copy cat who wants to get into information marketing and make a quick buck.   Do you really want to follow a copy cat with no thought leadership, who is being over hyped by other information marketing gurus who have been know to scam you in the past? (the very same ones who endorsed Karen Hanover)

Zack started off as a coach (making $40 a phone call) for Jeff Adams’ coaching program.   I met Zack at the back of the room of a Jeff Adams event where I was teaching that day.   I gave Zack a copy of my course, software  and access to all my systems.  I had thought this guy was sincere in helping people, and I thought it could benefit his teaching for Jeff Adams’ Coaching Students.   Zack was ever so grateful and  I can see why now.

Now Zach is selling his coaching program for 25K saying it has a real world value of 180K –  who does this guy think he is ?  What an ego !

I think you can see the influence of the product launch formula along with his former employer because he is using the same style templates( and colors) in his promotion!  (again no original thought)

Lets check what you get in his “system”

The software for buyers he touts he is giving away  is simply a Ipad graphic wrapped around the existing “connected investor website” that anyone can join free and get access to all 25K investors anyway.

His lead Generator is a copy of my Online Lead Finder.  You can download a free copy from my site. My version does far more than his claims to do.

His  Instant Contract creator is a copy of my “Rapid Offer Generator” (but mine works and is only 97 monthly, no upfront fee – matter of fact everything he offers, comes under my 97 a month fee)

His documents are the same one I use almost word for word.  The odd thing is that when you look at the author, its Frank Curtin.

His wholesale deal calculator is both similar to all the others in the market place.  Calculators/Analyzer Software for  how to figure out the “Max Allowed Offer”  have been around for years. You can even find many analyzers free online.  There is nothing in it that shows me that his is worth $497!   He has simply set a price point to make it look in his marketing to make you think he has something different.

Lets be clear – His software is NOT patented – It’s not even trademarked –  What a LIAR !   Look it up !  I will be the first to file against this claim if it comes up to patent. My software existed way before his.

The other  funny thing I find is that he setups himself up as a commercial investor – ROFL – What a JOKE.  I would not trust him to teach anyone about commercial – I would put him right up there with KAREN HANOVER .

Gad .. he even stole the EASY button for h( the Office Depot) for effect.  Come on now .. really ? Certainly that is copyright violation itself.

This is a basic course and certainly not worth the price being charged.

I find it odd that on Good Friday he sends out a personal email to the new list he got everyone to sign up on, an saying they can get his program now at 50% off.    While he has his affiliates still sending out emails for either full price, or a 2 pay , payment plan.

Whats up with that ?

UPDATE … So it was NOT a 1/2 price offer – It was a RUSE to get you think again about buying it.. He was purely pretending it was on sale.  CAN YOU SEE HOW THIS GUY BEHAVES?  DO you really want to deal with someone that is that underhanded?

Now he is re-launching same crap, as “” buyer beware!

Now he is back selling it as for 1497.00

Look how he copied me !

YET .. He hasnt even updated his course for years


Duncan’s ORIGINAL SYSTEM – only 69 monthly! $1 free trial – no high payment to get started

zach copied duncan

ZACK COPIED SYSTEM sells at 1497 and it doesnt even work .zach-copied-sites

17 thoughts on “Personal Review of Zack Childress Launch of AWS – Scam –

  1. Justin

    Hi, I received one of those ‘half-off’ emails for the program as a ‘special’ for the weekend. I wrote back asking if the total price is $497 or is it $497.50 x 2? It is $497.50 x 2. Not a real bargain.

  2. Webinar Warrior

    Hey Duncan, thank you so much for being one of the good guys. I listened to your webinar and product presentation a while ago and was very impressed and have since used several of your resources and venders who provide real good value and great customer support.

    This whole JV selling each others’ RE programs is way out of control. I like to keep up with my own education so I keep an eye on products and courses (and attend way too many webinars). However, as soon as see an “expert” start to pump too many other programs, in my eyes they lose a lot of (all?) credibility. Go figure? Even a wholesaler will sell another Wholesaler’s course to their own list (with a fancy explanation of how one compliments the other).

    I wondering when the next price point and model appears? Today the tested and proven ‘magic’ price point is $997 with bonuses for the first 15 only.
    I think we will soon start to see $878 or $8XX.

    I am glad I found your blog. I noticed too, Zack’s intro video demo looked like he was piggy backing off the CI platform and wrapping it in a pretty package with his own lively webinar sales presentation. And I I thought Jeff was one of the good guys too with his own REO program? All the big hitters have it figured out (in their back of the room closed door master mind sessions, that selling their own RE information product to each other’s list IS BIG BUX.

    Thanks again Duncan for confirming my own suspicions about AWS using the CI platform and Zack making it sound like he invented the wheel.

    As far as I can tell, AWS is still full price. The key words in the email above are – you can “get started” … If you follow the link and listen to the video again to the end so the ORDER button will paint on the screen, it’s still a 2 pay option, the price has not been cut in half.

    This should be another indicator when a promoter uses their words very carefully to lead you to believe something else – and likely doing so with intent just to get you to the order page?

    Regards, WW

  3. Matt

    Hahahhahahaha. Go figure.

    I saw the same things in those ‘launch’ videos. Absolutely nothing of any real substance. Just a slap happy job.

    Add to it I STILL got emails when I never confirmed my subscription in the first place! Even after unsubscribing/unchecking the boxes they still came in.

    I’ll have to see if I get anymore this week now that this system has fully launched.


  4. m

    Is Zack’s automated wholesale system with VA (virtual assistant) garbage too? He had a webinar..which seemed pretty informative at making the wholesaling RE automated w/ his VA programs appears legitimate and comprehensive. He explains in detail how it all works, showing specific screens of the programs, how it works, and makes some specific promises that it will work, etc.

    If not Zack’s, what automated system w/ V.A. would you recommend as a reliable, good, valid program for a beginner in Wholesaler of R.E. Thank you in advance for your help!

  5. kim tucker

    His office keeps calling and asking me to bring Zack Childress to kc and I keep declining. Saw his presentation at some event Nd most of what he said sounded really good, but as a realtor and real estate investor in Kansas City I was not impressed. Especially at the price he was charging.

    1. Duncan Wierman Post author

      Kim.. his pitch is a fairy tale. You cannot make 100’s of low ball offer to agents without pissing 99.9 % of them off.
      His software is shoddy , and there is shoddy support. This is the same product he was selling at 2K at real estate events that had major refunds.
      His price point changed to suck more people in. The monthly fee he charges is questionable.

  6. Taken

    I guess his program is making the rounds again. He advertises that if you’re not happy with the product you can return for a no hassle refund in 30 days. However, any item you need to download has a check mark that says something to the fact that if you download it, the item is considered as delivered or such. Thinking that was shady, I never checked any of the boxes and just viewed sporadic parts of his meatless videos. Apparently their “system” showed that I had clicked on the boxes and they are refusing refunds.

    His refund policy also says something to the effect of that if you purchase any of his items as a “bundle” your refund is only good for one item of the bundle as a refund for any other item in the bundle would constitute as a second refund of the same item and not allowed. wow.

    So now, I paid 200+ and after 1 day have no access to videos, no material because I never downloaded them and no refund. These are the people that I will remember to flame across the internet when I get successful.

  7. Duncan Wierman Post author

    He wont give it back to you as he is desperate for money. The best thing to do, is to go to your credit card company, and ask them to do a charge back dispute.
    3 days to request a refund is unethical. He has to show you signed for it as such.

  8. frank

    I want to know has this guy actually made millions of dollars himself in real estate or does he actually make his money selling this system?

  9. robert ballesteros

    Please stay away with this Zack Childress guru. This is a fraud! I ordered his FREE book on his internet advertisement and was told to pay only the shipping and handling for just $4.95. After I checked my bank statement, they charged me $297.00 in mid August, 2014 without me giving them permission to do so. This September 03, again they charged my account again for $97.00 with no permission to do so. I was upset with them charging my account for no reason at all!


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