My Pet Peeves On Bull Crap Marketing

Do some of these real estate information gurus actually believe their own crap and think the public is stupid?

I guess so.

If I see any more of these FAKE ” As Featured On” type images on a sales letter…  I am going to vomit.

It’s not only stupid, its unethical. I would like to see them PROOF up that they were on Discovery channel, ABC and NBC.

I suggest to anyone if you see this nonsense.. RUN the other way.

MORE BS MARKETING TODAY … By Zack Childress, of Course…

Here is another email recieved today by a ruthless information marketing promoter who just is in it for the money. This guy has no real clue, copies others, and steal ideas and software.

How dumb does he think you are when he sends out email like the one below …