Karen Hanover Trial Update – This blog has been subpoenaed

I have got  a few emails from people wondering what happened to Karen Hanover and her court case.

Well its progressing … Oct 4th , 10am  Her attorney has subpoenaed this blog

See images below..

He has requested quite a bit of information that is not available , but the information that will be turned over is

  • The email address used to create a blog
  • The IP address from which the blog was created
  • The date and time when a blog was created
  • The IP addresses from which blog posts have been published
  • The email and IP addresses of anyone who has left a comment on a blog

3 thoughts on “Karen Hanover Trial Update – This blog has been subpoenaed

  1. rkim777

    Duncan, will the feds pay your way to go to Los Angeles as well? I hope you get to tour Hollywood and the other sights as well if they’re requiring you to go out there and as long as they pay for you. Never turn down a free vacation.

    Try to get on the Jay Leno show if you go out there. I got to watch a studio taping of “America’s Funniest Home Videos” back in 2000 and it’s a real blast.

    1. Jean Norton

      Who will pay you for the time it takes to gather all that information? And for the defense to ask for it? OMG I remember watching that whole event, even when you clearly pointed out identical ip addresses for different names. Online harassment is considered a 3rd degree felony in Texas when posing as another person. Won’t this information be further admission of her transgressions?

      Yes, I realize my IP is linked to this post.

  2. m adams

    I had the misfortune of working with Ms Hanover on a Sleep Lab misadventure a while back in Tustin. When that blew up, I always wondered how she would manage to mess up elsewhere. She was a telephone terrorist back then, too, so when I read the stuff about her doing more of the same recently in this real estate gig, it rang true to me in a most unpleasant way. I doubt prison will reform her, she’ll just get more tools for deception. Misapplied talent….


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