Karen Hanover Found GUILTY !!!!!

The verdict is in …  Karen Hanover was found guilty for  “Impersonating a Federal Agent”

Karen Hanover will be sentenced in January.

She is still under investigation for fraud. Hopefully we will see another indictment in the very near future

See latest newspaper report



41 thoughts on “Karen Hanover Found GUILTY !!!!!

  1. Andrew

    With this conviction based on trying to cover up her fraudulent real estate education products and joint venture investment schemes do you think that the FBI and US attorney will go after all of the well known real estate guru internet marketers that were her affiliates? I would assume they would want to claw back any gains that were generated from victims of this fraud.

    It is public (blogged) knowledge many of them generated sales for her by pitching her commercial investment events to their lists.

    One over promoted FL promoter was rumored to have generated $59,000 in affiliate sales. Will he have to return that to his customers or does he just ignore this and hope it will go away?

    This just adds to the negative reputation that these shonky real estate promoters have garnered collaborating to sell “thin” product and more recently “fat” rental returns from over hyped income properties?

    Andrew Waite

    1. Duncan Wierman Post author

      I would think that the current investigation will be looking at her partner and also all their affiliates. I woulf also think that some enterprising attorney would take up a class action suit including affiliates to try and recover monies for all those who suffered loss. All we can do is wait and see what the investigation brings to light.

      1. Robert Kim

        If Karen Hanover is convicted of CRIMINAL charges of fraud, not just CIVIL, then it may not be necessary to file a class action lawsuit or for the Hanover fraud victims to come out of pocket to pay for legal action since it will be paid for by the government. Let’s hope that it stays within the realm of criminal law.

  2. scamoverisscum

    Awesome! I haven’t been able to get any details, not even from PACER. I would like to learn as much as I can about what took place…

      1. scamoverisscum

        Do you know anything at this point? Guilty on all three counts? Who testified? How long jury deliberated? Her reaction?!?

        BTW, have you seen Pacer Doc #43, Exhibits F and G? It appears she staged a robbery of $200,000 cash so she wouldn’t have to repay her clients. Unbelievable!!

    1. Duncan Wierman Post author

      I think this is actually an affiliate of hers, that doesnt believe she is guity of doing what she was charged with
      OR it’s a sick good bye present – even tho the info is rubbish

  3. Duncan Wierman Post author

    I believe there were 10 witnesses in total. ( i am not positive) I will be sure to read the transcripts when they are available.

    She waived a jury trial.ie. It was a bench trial and the judge made the decision.

    Yes , I am aware of the “alledged” staged robbtery.. I wrote about this on the blog when it happened.

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  5. M

    Does anybody know what exactly she was convicted of? Wondering how long she might be sentenced for? Unbelievable, how does sleep at night.

      1. rkim777Robert Kim

        The problem with such a short prison sentence is that there is a high chance that Karen Hanover will be back out and scamming people again soon thereafter. As a perfect example of this is Monica Main who went to prison for a short time and is now out teaching boot camps and selling courses again. Supposedly Monica is doing apartment deals but I doubt it. I was once fooled into buying one of her “rare” apartment investing DVD sets directly from her on eBay and it is just her sitting in a sweat shirt and sweat pants in front of a laptop computer clicking on the space bar through a MS Powerpoint presentation that was information pretty much pirated from the stuff taught by Dave Lindahl who is a true guru who has the proof that he is doing deals. I only paid about $16 for it so I guess it’s true that you get what you pay for (in this case, I paid for Monica’s sweat shirt and sweat pants since her presentation was worthless).

        I caution anyone who sees or reads about these “gurus” first get proof from them that they are indeed doing successful deals (HUD-1’s, lender and broker verification, etc.). Anyone who wants to get hundreds to thousands of dollars to sell you their “experience and knowledge” should be able to provide proof that they do have that experience and knowledge.

        I recently got called by representatives from Sean Carpenter’s, Dutch Mendenhall’s, and Sal Buscemi’s offices, among others, asking if I wanted to sign up for their boot camps and coaching programs but when I asked for proof of their recent deals, they pretended to get offended that I would ask for this, said they would give me proof, and then they never got back to me presumably to move on to suckers who didn’t have such tight grips on their wallets and purses. This is the second time Sean Carpenter (personally) and a rep from his office have said they would get proof to me but never got back to me. I doubt Sean is doing any commercial deals and am certain that he is making his money only by selling boot camps and courses.

        Lesson learned: When some “guru” calls to sell his/her knowledge and experience for hundreds or thousands of your dollars, get proof from them before parting with your hard-earned money.

      2. scamoverisscum

        According to Orange County Register, she could spend up to 3 years in prison and be fined up to $250,000. See my earlier post above for the link.

  6. Ben Garizi


    A few years ago I started a construction business in California. As a general contractor, I have generated jobs for many sub-contractors and their employees.
    I have built a beautiful water view house on Naples Island in Belmont shore, 5812 E. Appian Way, long Beach California 90803.

    After I finished building the house, recession arrived and my construction lender City National Mortgage denied to refinance the house I could not sell the house neither refinance it. I had to rent it in order to be able to pay the house mortgage.

    As a result, I rented my house to Dr. Andrea Buck practiced in the state of New Jersey on 11/1/2008. To make long story short, I received only the first month rent plus security deposit. To my surprise and only after a short time my house was occupied by her Realtor Karen Hanover who was not even listed on the rental contract. None of these two occupants paid any more rent up to now,

    Karen Hanover caused my other tenant Jones family in Park Estates Long Beach not to pay their rent either, as you can imagine, I was not able to pay my mortgages and forced to file bankruptcy.

    As documented, Karen Hanover stated that her father is a judge and threatened me repeatedly that I could not do anything and after my house goes to auction she is going to take over my house without paying a dime to me. She has continued to live in the house without any contract or paying any rent ever since.

    I hired three attorneys but, couldn’t make Dr. Andrea Buck and her Realtor Karen Hanover pay rent or leave; my house is still occupied by them without paying the rent. They are taking advantage of our justice system with their money and connections, and are taking my property away from me with all pre-meditated plan,

    They caused me lost my credit, business and my entire life saving, the result of many years of my hard working and my children saving gone down the drain, lost my houses, damaged my family and myself mentally, physically and financially.
    I am the victim of Crime, out of money and bankrupted.
    I can not afford to hire another attorney, I am asking for help to get my right, fair judgment and my retirement saving house back.

    More details on Orange County Register News paper On Sunday April 24th 2011, Case No. 30-2008-00113698, Case No. NC 053070, Case No. NC 055504,
    Case No. NC 055618 and Case No. NC 056324


    Ben Garizi
    16 Wildwheat
    Irvine, CA 92614

    1. Scamoverisscum


      I have followed your case, but can’t believe after all this time you have been unable to evict her. What a travesty of justice! I am very sorry for you. Are all those cases you cited civil suits against KH and AB? Please make sure you shred all your garbage (trust me on this one). Good luck to you! Please keep us posted.

  7. Debbie Ciampi

    @ Ben,
    I also have been following your story. I feel your pain.
    Hopefully the end is near. When she gets sentenced.

    CASE 8:11-cr-00047 Docket 66-7 Federal Burea of Investigation
    date of transaction 10/02/11

    Andrea Buck, a physician who practices and resides in New Jersey, was telephonically contacted.Buck was advised of the identity of the interviewing agent and the purpose of the interview. Also telephonically present was Vivan Lum, an attorney representing Buck. Buck was advised that she was not the subject of the matter to be discussed, and that her participation in the interview was voluntary. She then provided the following information.

    In May, 2005 or 2006, Buck met Karen Hanover on the social dating website Match.com. They engaged in a dating relationship. The relationship was never formalized, or exclusive.

    Buck did not live in california, but liked visiting. She often came on weekends to visit Hanover. Hanover was living in a house on Horseshoe Cir. in Laguna Niguel, Ca. Buck was not aware of Hanovers specific job duties, but recalled that Hanover was involved in real estate.Hanover told Buck that she was hoping to become a motivational speaker. Buck never knew the details of Hanover’s financial situation. Hanover told Buck that she owned a home on Sea shadows, also in Laguna Niguel.

    In 2008 or 2009, Hanover told Buck that her (Hanover’s) credit had been compromised, and she was having trouble qualifying for a lease. Hanover asked Buck to sign a lease for a house in Long Beach, Ca. on Appian way. Hanover and Buck understood that Buck would never reside in the home and that Hanover would make all the rent payments. The lease was only for one year,so Buck decided to help her friend by signing the lease as requested. Hanover moved into the home,and Buck continued to visit on weekends.

    Not long after signing this lease Buck and Hanover’s relationship ended.Buck preferred not to provide details that led to this break up other than it was not a healthy relationship, and it was important for buck to move on.

    Buck contacted the owner of the Appian Way house and told him she would like to be removed from the lease agreement. The owner was understanding and agreed to release her. A written understanding of this release was entered into. Buck then learned that Hanover stayed in the house, and discontinued further rent payments. buck was then named in a law suit centering around Hanover’s refusal to vacate the property or pay rent.

    Buck has had no contact with Hanover since approximately January, 2009.

    About one year after severing her relationship with Hanover, Buck lost one of her children. Buck does not beleive Hanover has any children, nor does she beleive Hanover was ever married. Any representation by Hanover to being married, or losing a child would not be true.

    (Sorry Ben this story gets crazier……)

    1. Scamoverisscum


      Thank you for the info. I take it there are some civil suits pending, in addition to the Federal case. Where can I get info on the civil cases?

      Thanks very much.

  8. Scamoverisscum

    I just visited Orange County Superior Court and found 17 (yes, 17) civil cases involving KH, but not the cases Ben has referred to. Were they filed in another jurisdiction?

  9. Debbie Ciampi

    Case 8:11 cr 00047 Docket 39
    Date of transcription 3/4/11

    Gina crawford telephonically contacted the interviewing agent. After being advised of the identity of the interviewing agent and the purpose of the interview Crawford provided the following information.

    In february 2010, Crawford attended a real estate seminar in Dallas, Texas. The seminar was put on by Karen hanover. Hanover had become known to crawford through an earlier seminar. during the event Hanover made know to Crawford and other attendees her “FAST TRACK” program.

    The fast track program offered by hanover provided more support for identifying and obtaining commercial properties. Hanover,an expert in this process, guaranteed results and satisfaction. Crawford paid $20,000 for service to be provided by Hanover and her staff.

    Shortly, after signing up, Crawford began receiving information and traing from Hanover. Hanover was easy to get in touch with, and was actively providing the assistance she had earlier promised. While no property has yet to be acquired by crawford, she was recently in the final stages of obtaining financing for a property. This was being arranged for by hanover,and was with The Bank of Chicago.

    Crawford has had no reason to doubt or stop trusting Hanover. She has been satisfied with services received, and is aware of many others who are equally satisfied. Crawford speculates that fast trackers who are now expressing dissatisfaction are all connected to one disgruntled student. This student generated an internet blog, and now others are jumping on the band wagon in hopes of getting their money back.

    Crawford is aware of recent press articles that reveal criminal charges were filed against hanover for impersonating anFBI agent. Crawford asked hanover about this information. Crawford indicated she was not comfortable discussing details of the information Hanover told her, other than Hanover admitted to making some mistakes, but never intended to defraud anyone.

    Hanover told crawford about withdrawing $200,000 cash from a bank, and subsequently getting robbed. Crawford did not think it strange to withdraw that amount of cash. Often in Commercial property transactions, cash in that amount is necessary. hanover told crawford that she conducted this type of transaction all the time when her wealthy attorney clients were obtaining property. It is also required to have large amounts of cash on hand when purchasing property at auctions.

    Crawford has a few dealings with JILL DUGGAN. Duggan did not seem like a sincere person, and was sometimes rude.

    Crawford is confident that she would have acquired a commercial property by now, but for the recent legal troubles Hanover now faces. hanover told crawford that she does not know what she can legally do with her students at this time.

    Hanover is a very nice person who has had some recent bad luck. Hanover confided in crawford about some of her personal issues. about one year ago Hanover’s HUSBAND left their marriage. Internet chatter about Hanover being a lesbian is a lie. Hanover told crawford she is married and not a lesbian. Crawford is a christian, but would not hold a person’s sexual orientation against them. Crawford places importance on a person’s truthfulness.

    Crawford agreed to ask other fast track students to contact the FBI

    On 2/28/2011, Crawford left a voice mail for writer. Crawford’s voice mail indicated that she had spoken to Hanover about her interview with the FBI. Hanover asked crawford to refer othet fast track students to her attorney instead of the FBI.

    Wow Gina Crawford……
    I am a lesbian, Karen Hanover is not being honest with you.

    Next to come my story

  10. Debbie Ciampi

    Case 8:11-cr-00047 Document 66-9 evidence Sent: 12/17 2011

    From: bizminded@aol.com ——-Karen Hanover’s e-mail
    To: Jill Duggan@aol.com ————Jill Duggan’s e-mail


    I just had an idea!!! I own debbieciampi.com I think we should post everything your lawyers will allow from your case online and put it all over the internet including that she’s heartbroken over a woman and that this whole case is because she wanted revenge because she couldn’t get what she wanted.

    Then I think we should do an anonymous mailing to the courthouses where she conducts business and to every realtor in the area she does business. We could even send it to place she likes to frequent socially. Additionally we could issue a press release and place an ad in the newspaper where she lives.

    Truth is an absolute defense to slander and the documents related to your case are public record. as long as we don’t comment or characterize things we would have no liability.

    From now until eternity anyone who googles her in business or in love will get to see the real character of Debbie Ciampi. It will make it hard for her to date and conduct business. Turn aboutis fair play except unlike her, we tell the truth, the absolute truth !

    This criminal will never ruin my good name.
    Karen hanover bought my DOMAIN name, with the intent to ruin me.
    All the information given to her was from the person she sent this e-mail to.
    All this is documented now Karen and the FBI was notified also.

    So you see Ben, this is what she does……….

    I actually buy foreclosure’s in Palm Beach County Florida.
    You do not go to the bank and withdraw CASH for $200,000
    Whether it is a foreclosure or any property. You get a cashiers check made out to seller……………..come on now…..who is left you are fooling besides Gina crawford ????????????????

  11. Debbie Ciampi

    Karen Hanover has made people beleive she is an expert in identifying and obtaining real estate, now we see her credit wasn’t even good enough in 2009 for her to sign a lease on her own. She needed a friend to co-sign…………unbeleivable.

    She owns close to 500 Domain names including mine for what??????
    To mess whith people Ben…..like she did with you.

    Next a very funny Long Beach Police Department Report

  12. Debbie Ciampi

    Case 8:11 cr-00047 Document 63

    Long Beach Police Dept. NARRATIVE

    Was in the vault working on another transaction, at the time when Karen came into the bank. She said Karen ran back into the bank and started yelling, “Somebody took my purse” and “set up”. No other questions were asked.

    I then spoke with Myra Oviedo. She advised me that yesterday was her first day on the job. At the time of the incident, she ws working with Sarah who had assisted with the female. She said the female left and came back into the bank a few minutes later and started yelling, “SET UP” and “ALL IN ON IT”. She said the female had taken the large amount of money, put it into a clear plastic bag that was given to her from the bank, and placed it into her purse. She said she did not see anything else. No other questions were asked.

    Due to a family emergency, I did not have the opportunity to speak with Sarah Ramirez on this particular day because she had to leave.

    I then spoke with Yadhira Cuadra, who is the branch manager. She was not working at the bank at the time of the incident. she is very familiar with Karen. She said Karen always drives to the bank in a white Mercedes. She and the other employees told her that yesterday Karen showed up in a “Vespa”, and Yadhira thought it was strange that she would pick up a large sum of money in a Vespa, that she has never seen her drive before. She said she is aware of her Mercedes because she usually parks it in the handicap spot just outside the entrance door of the bank. Yadhira advised me also that two employees, Michael Drapeau and Alex Fernandez were working yesterday, but are both off today. She advised me that they are both part time employees. No other questions were asked.

    The following day, I went back to the bank and spoke with Sarah Ramirez. She advised me that the day of the INCIDENT, she was behind the tellers when Karen came to the bank. She said she is familiar with Karen due to previous contacts with her. She said she sent Al Williams to get the cash. Due to the large amount of money, the transaction had to be set up prior because the bank does not carry that ammount. She was aware that Karen was coming into the bank for the transaction. Sarah said Justin went back into the vault with Karen after she requested the money to be counted in front of her. Sarah said soon after Karen left the bank,she came back inside yelling and screaming that she had been set up. Sarah went on to state that Karen had set up an identical transaction approximately two weeks ago. The money was delivered to the bank, but Karen did not show up to pick up the money, so they had to send it back out. Sarah also mentioned that Karen had told her that she was going to keep the money under her mattress because she was in civil litigation, and wanted to keep her money with herself.

    We then went to Karen Hanover’s place of residence at 5812 Appian Way. We sat at the kitchen table and began to question Karen regarding the INCIDENT. Karen stated she had arranged to get her money with the bank. She said she went to the bank, but soon after walking up to the teller , she realized she had the wrong cashiers check. She said she left and drove back home to get the correct check. When she got to her residence, she decided she would drive back in her Vespa, because it was such a nice day outside. I immediately questioned her about driving the Vespa. I told her that it appeared to be very strange for someone to drive a Vespa while carrying that large amount of money. Karen appeared to be confused and said she thought it was totally normal to drive her Vespa, and that she didn’t believe $200,000 was alot of money.

    Karen continued to repeat herself stating that she knows the bank is behind everything, and that one of the tellers knew she was coming in to get that money, and that she was set up. During our conversation, Karen would begin to cry, without tears, and immediately start talking about something else, and show no emotion what so ever. Karen also advised me that she was in a civil litigation with the FBI, but could not go into details. She said that people were attacking her on the internet and falsely accusing her of things. She also told us that she was getting the money out of the bank because she needed the money to pay for her legal fees. I told Karen I would be in touch with her.

    We then drove to the address on shaw street, which in the report indicates possible cameras that would have caught the suspect vehicle in the alley. Nobody was home, but we left a business card. John LaPorta who resides on shaw left a voice mail with Detective Trentini. He said he would look at his cameras and get back to us. On December 9,2010, Mr. La porta emailed Detective Trentini and advised him that he did not see ANYTHING.

    OH and thanks for basically telling everyone the money is in uncashed checks at your house and now under your bed.

  13. Stuart

    As of 11/13/11 Karen Hanover is continuing to use her email list and prospect. Amazing to me she would have the (hmmm…what’s a word that isn’t…ah!) stones to show up in public again after her arrest etc.

    I was very active in the creative real estate world for 28 years and knew most of the real players. I never heard of her until I started getting her emails. I listened to one of her webinars and found she was promoting as one of her ‘unique’ acquisition techniques a real estate formula that had been in use for decades. For certain I know it was used in the 1960’s as it was in a very well written book by a broker.

    I emailed about her claim that it was a ‘new unique’ formula that I had taught at my own broker seminars decades before . She blew her cork on the return email. I couldn’t believe she was brazen enough to publicize formulas that I learned in 1980.

    I’m not leaving my entire name as I don’t trust her enough to think she wouldn’t find a way to take revenge. Everything above is the stone cold truth.

  14. Debbie Ciampi

    Another person Karen Hanover blew her cork over telling the truth.
    Guess there is a pattern Stuart. You should post the response.
    She is fooling no one at this point. She is a bully and phony.
    Has nothing else to do with her time.

    1. scamoverisscum

      Me too, Ben. I still can’t believe she is not out of your house yet. What a travesty of justice! But if you believe in Karma….

  15. Debbie Ciampi

    Karen Hanover has no where to go right now.
    She is sitting at home waiting for a sentence and probably plotting her next move.(OR fake PERSONA)
    She has been convicted for impersonating the FBI, pretty bad stuff.
    But while she thought, or acted as the FBI her routine was threatening.
    This woman threatens, bullies, or makes fun of people when she does not get her way.
    She has pretended to be a real eatate GURU , and has also pretended to be Debbie Ciampi, which is ME on her own website. She lives in pretend land. She owns close to 500 domain names to screw with her next victim. How many other people has she really pretended to be ????????
    Hopefully what people and victims can get out of this make beleive story teller Karen Hanover is due your “DUE DILIGENCE” before investing.
    She is a con artist.
    Hey anyone know what happened with the $200,000 INCIDENT at the bank ??????

  16. scamoverisscum

    Latest: Filing Nov 14. Pacer doc #85. Karen has decided to not ask for either an acquittal or a new trial.

    I worry that with prison overcrowding, she may have to spend only a few hours in the pokey, although I know that federal prisons are different from state prisons…

    I’m hoping that next indictment will include both fraud and filing a false police report (the $200,000), and that if convicted, she’ll have to spend some serious time in the slammer.

    I’m assuming that legal costs spend by a defendant are a private matter, but I would be very interested to know how much she is paying her attorney. It wouldn’t surprise me, however, that she will eventually alienate him and then switch attorneys.

    Advice to anyone having anything to do with this psychopath: shred your garbage, even if you live thousands of miles away. Cover your tracks – this woman is ruthless and will stop at nothing. Just look at all the civil cases she’s been involved in…

    I’m hoping justice will prevail. It sickens me to think that she is STILL living rent free in Ben’s house. My heart goes out to him…

  17. Debbie Ciampi

    I have so much documented on this con artist, Karen Hanover.
    I am waiting for her to drive by my house. Next time stop in Karen.
    I can tell you to your face while you are on video what I really think of you. My family, friends, attorneys, and myself expect you to.
    More documented video……that is NOT good for you. Every time I watch the fast track video where Karen Hanover comes down the steps into the audience I would like to throw up. You act like you really are an investor, where in fact you own NOTTA.
    Like I have said,I have never met this crazy phony but she has threaten me, my friends , my work, my personal life, and my personal property.
    I am waiting for her to screw up again, which will happen. It is just a matter of time. You will be spending all your scam $ on attorneys.
    Can you spell …..THEIF…..CON ARTIST….PHONEY….LIAR???? Karen Hanover ?????
    Oh lets not forget IMPERSONATER………….already convicted.
    Really Karen Hanover you accused the back of an inside robbery ????? ($200,000)
    Are you fighting for that $ ??? Now if I got ripped off that large I think i would be making a stink about it. We now know and see you fight everyone. So what is this outcome ???????? Humm, bet the feds are working on that one also.
    At least you will not be selling anything you can not deliver on at this time.
    How many people have you pretended to be Karen Hanover ???????
    One more thing, No one cares you are a lesbian Karen in this day and age. What they care about is you lie about everything including that.
    Why don’t you try and tell the truth for a change……….
    The truth will set you free.

  18. Lee

    Karen Hanover stole $3000 from my husband and I back in 2009. She posed as a landlord, took our deposit check and ran. We never got the keys to the house. Took her to court…she didn’t show, but we won our case. We still have not seen a dime. She sent several threats to us too.

    From: Bizminded@aol.com
    Sent: Wednesday, February 18, 2009 3:57 PM
    To: Leanne
    Subject: Cease and Desist
    Please cease and desist from contacting me or having your associates contact me by phone or email. Should you need to communicate, you can contact me by mail at the address below. Thank you.

    Karen Hanover
    1198 Pacific Coast hwy., Ste. 355
    Seal Beach, CA 90740

    She’s big on threats. Another friend of ours did work on the same house she claimed to be renting. Again, he never received payment. Funny thing is, the house foreclosed a few months later. Can I still report her to the FBI with my story??

    1. Robert Kim

      Yes! Absolutely report her to the FBI! You won a CIVIL suit against her but CIVIL law in this country is very weak and it is often very difficult to collect any money even if you win. But if more people report this scumbag to the FBI and get her convicted of CRIMINAL charges, then you and others have a chance to get some of your money back just like with the Bernie Madoff case. CRIMINAL law is very strong since it is backed by our government resources and not just your own.

      I hope Duncan, the owner of this blog, doesn’t mind if I refer you to my blog which has details on how to report this scumbag, Karen Hanover. If you have any questions, feel free to call me at 803-292-2227. Instructions on how to report Karen Hanover to the FBI are at:



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