Karen Hanover Sentencing – Cliff Notes of Sentencing

Jan 9, 2011

USA vs Karen Hanover

411 W 4th St.

Santa Ana, CA

Judge Tucker

Court called to order and the first one up was her Attorney

  1. Karen Attorney speaks…Karen has been having treatments and she has been identified to have 3 types of “sickness”.  I was only told about the “anxiety problems” and she would not allow the other two be identified by me. He stated,” that because of this that the court system should take this into consideration for her sentencing.

Judge overruled.

Our attorney agreed with the judge and no comment.

  1. Judge…at this time the judge said that she would like to discuss how the sentencing was calculated.  Told Karen that probation is a consideration and government rules are up to “6”.  Because of fraud, that would be 6, because of spoofing and other charges that would be 21.  Now this would be a total of 37-46.  This is over the limit that the government allows for punishment on these charges.
    1. Money charges could be 500 to 5000 plus 100 dollars for other offense.
  1. Karen  attorney:  First I would like to tell you that Karen had her parents drive her here and because they are elderly would like to get this case over as soon as possible.  Next, I want a lower sentence because Karen has never been arrested and has never committed a serious offence, nor does she have a police record.
    1. I want to point out that because she made one mistake she will now never be able to hold a public office. Be able to be self employed or teach on what she has been trained to do.
    2. I have never heard in my whole life of “6” be given out because of this small of case.  Considering she is a good citizen and she has admitted that she should be punished then I would like to have her sentence to:

i.     Probation

ii.     Community service

iii.     And Home detention


  1. Karen talks:   She is crying and sobbing…I want to apology to Becky but she is not here.  Sobbing…I want to say I am sorry because it was not her fault.  I caved under pressure and I went into the twilight zone.  This conduct is not me and I will abide to what you, the judge says.  I want to say thank you judge because I know that you have been more than fair through this whole trial and this is all my fault…sobbing as she walk away.
  1. Our attorney: Sorry… Karen is sorry, but sorry for what and at which time.  The time that she has the neighbors call and get Becky fired.  The time that Karen put police reports against and harassed Becky. Or the spoofing incident.  Her attorney painted a bleak picture of Karen and I am asking for an appropriate sentence to what she has done.
    1. 3552a is a two way street… she is a danger to people and as long as she is on the street, she needs to be kept away from people that she is going to harm next.
    2. Her pattern of life is she threatens, lies, and cheats. She should not be able to teach because she will lie and then takes money from people.


  1. Judge:  reason for sentencing (History)…
    1.  Defendant against her (Becky) for Spoofing, etc. (Court case won)
    2. Told Becky that Karen’s father was a judge.  JUDGE SAID NOT TRUE.
    3. Karen sent in letters to judge from different people…stating that Karen was a good person.


  1. Karen has admitted that she if responsible. JUDGE STATED TRUE STATEMENT.


  2. PROBATION PAYMENT…all money received from lottery, inheritance, fed/State taxes will be given to court.
  3. 100 dollars due today and 25.00 per quarter
  4. Something about evaluations and counseling…Karen will pay for all treatments
  5. Full time employment once she is out of prison.  Not to be self-employed, or by a friend or family.  Probation office will be evaluating this job position
  6. Self Surrender

Our attorney asked for it to be soon and not 30 day or more.

Her attorney:

  1.  First fact…she has no facility to go to which takes 4-6 weeks.  \
  2. Will file a motion against this and that will take 30 to 60 days.
  3. Our attorney:  Waiting 30 days does not serve any purpose.
  4. Her attorney – Nobody can tell the jails what to do.

COURT ORDERS:  Surrender on or before Jan 17, 2011 to the court Marshall at 411 W. 4th st.



17 thoughts on “Karen Hanover Sentencing – Cliff Notes of Sentencing

  1. Andrew

    My heart bleeds for this poor misunderstood woman – NOT!

    Karen misled us constantly trying to avoid paying a simple advertising invoice. She claimed she had not signed a advertising contract (we had her signature,) told the collection agency she would make their life miserable as her father was a Federal judge (email and testimony entered into the record in US vs. Hanover) and even claimed any further collection calls would be reported as sexual harassment…..given the facts, wildly ironic.

    We have not heard the last of this woman. This is just another episode of Karen in Wealth Wonderland! If it wasn’t so sad for the victims could should be the script for a comedy show. A

  2. Jean Norton

    I think it’s critical that she is barred from self-employment or employment via friends or family. I see her life as she knows it is ruined.

    Keep us posted Duncan!

  3. Casey Kazlauskas

    Karen is a thief who swindled us out of $30K. I think the only thing she is sorry for is getting caught. We are still going after her to recover our money.

  4. LORI

    i saw here about a month ago in a halfway house she looks happy and she has a cold heart. seems like it to me she doesnt care of what happen. she has no sympithy over anything she phyco !

  5. Lee

    Karen stole $3K from us, posing as a landlord. We won in court, but still have not seen a dime. We’re writing to Paul Bonin to try to get her convicted of her other crimes. She is pure evil.

      1. Leanne

        It was 4 years ago. She was renting a property in Newport Beach, CA. My friend lived on the same block as the house she was renting. My friend told me it hasn’t been rented out in 3 years (red flag #1). Karen showed us the place. It was very strange because she had two other men in the house acting like they were looking at the place too (it was a weird vibe). But we didn’t think much about it. Then she told us she wanted a ridiculous deposit ($4500 for a place renting for $2100). I told her we could not do that and she came down to $3000, which was still high, but we did it anyways. Next thing we know, we’re turning in our application and she wanted the deposit right away (red flag #2). Most places don’t make you give the deposit until they give you the keys. However, I’ve been renting for 18 years and never been robbed, so didn’t think much about it. Then, she wanted us to mail it to her…she said she didn’t have time for us to meet her (red flag #3). AND she wanted a cashiers check. Again, never had a problem in the past, so we went along with it. A few days went by and we tried calling her several times to see if she received it and when we would be getting the keys to the place. She finally answered and said she didn’t have time for us and that she would get back to us when she had a chance. Finally after several days going by, we called her AGAIN. My husband said she was very rude and so he was firm with her. She said that she decided not to rent to us and said she would not be returning our $3000 deposit. She then started with her famous threats sending a cease and desist, saying if we got near the property its trespassing, etc. We couldn’t cancel the cashiers check (she’s a pro). We then took her to court. She didn’t show and the judge ruled against her. Then she denied that she was ever served (which is a lie) and so they gave her another court date. Didn’t show again. We have never seen our money. 3 months later she foreclosed on that property. Am I wrong or does she claim to be an expert on avoiding foreclosures?? What a joke. Another story on top of that…a friend of ours did work on that same property and never got paid by her. She threatened him too. Yesterday I saw a post that she’s starting a Speaking tour? How is that possible when she has a court date to go to jail in Feb? Duncan, do you know anything about this? I want her to rott in hell.

      2. Duncan Wierman Post author

        As far as I know, she was indicted. The court said she was not allowed to work for herself, or in real estate again. She has to find gainful employment. She is not allowed to market herself at all.

        However, I hear she was indicted again for fraud..and she is using a public defender. I thought she was locked up on the new charges

    1. Duncan Wierman

      Maybe she is going to do webinars from jail ? She is a sociopath. I am sure the FBI will see her new domain as they read the blog.. i

    1. Duncan Wierman Post author

      Can you say “sociopath”. Maybe she can start looking in a mirror with all the crap she said about me online. Talk about calling the kettle black….

  6. Leanne

    She’s attacking Robert Kim. She claims she never went to jail..

    Karen Hanover · Follow · CEO & Founder at Karen Hanover Enterprises · 220 subscribers

    I am Karen Hanover and I was NOT thrown in jail. He thinks the disclaimer protects him from defamation. Make up your own mind. Check out the REAl story including FBI evidence at http://karenhanover.info. You’ll see why Robert Kim posts his QR code logo and continues to spew trash. I promise you’ll be shocked!

    I love all of her threats! She’s all about the threats.


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