‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ Robert Kiyosaki Exposed – Investigative Report

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9 thoughts on “‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ Robert Kiyosaki Exposed – Investigative Report

  1. Jean Norton

    This is the EXACT same story told in the class action suit to Trump University http://www.courthousenews.com/2010/05/04/TrumpU.pdf and my personal experience at my original training. I wrote a blog post: The Seminar Business and the Hard-Sell Up-Sell (http://www.jeannortoninvestor.com/2011/06/seminar-business-and-hard-sell-up-sell.html). It’s a familiar pattern.

    I hope you are able to keep this posted, and your keywords to Rich Dad and the constant up-selling of additional products so they come to this post to be warned. But be warned that Rich Dad isn’t the only seminar company that follows this outline.

    Where I didn’t have the Rich Dad education, I had another that was led by a big name real estate guru…be forewarned of, Trump, Rich Dad, and ____________________(fill in the blank). If they advise you to raise the limit on your credit cards…or give you a free gift – a financial analysis – know they want that analysis so the sales guys know how much money they can get from your bank account.

    Duncan, I suspect someone can sign up for your courses and you don’t require them to raise their credit limit or tell you their bank balance.

    Thanks so much for sharing. I encourage more of such investigative practices.

    1. Duncan Wierman Post author

      Yes. and no comment at this time because I cant take on the world all at once.. I feel like I am fighting a war myself while everyone watches from the sidelines.
      If investors cant do research themselves… I guess its their own fault. They need to stop and think before they spend.

  2. Eric S. Mueller

    Amazing. I did not know he licensed his material to Whitney.

    I read his book in 2005, and got really excited about how much I was going to make in Real Estate, but then realized the book didn’t actually tell me anything. I came across John T. Reed’s Kiyosaki review a couple years after that.

    I don’t miss the days when I would have fallen for a pitch like this. Real estate is a lot of fun, and does not require anywhere close to the amounts of money these people are asking for to learn. You could get a Bachelor’s degree and an MBA for $45,000 in some places.

    1. Duncan Wierman Post author

      I was amaze that the book did not teach anything at all. I consider it a Pre-sales tool that people paid for, to get to a free seminar where they sell you a course.

      There are many good books you can buy for $20 that will teach you what you need to do to get a deal under your belt. The main thing is to take action in any real estate method. $45K is absurd. I could not sleep at night if I asked that. People however think the more expensive things are the better it has to be. You would think that if they were going to invest that money in the stock market instead… they would research their investment decisions before jumping in.

      Buyer Beware.


      1. Eric S. Mueller

        These guys make it seem very complicated and expensive. I took a $350 class to get a real estate license. I learned far more in that class than you would from one of these expensive seminars. Ignorance definitely is bliss for the unscrupulous salesman.

  3. Chad

    Duncan, Thanks for posting this. I too learned from John T. Reed’s website about Kiyosaki.

    Just like fad diets and ab machines, people will always buy into the “get it quick with no work scheme.”

    I was lucky enough to be mentored by a “real” wholesaler and rehabber and learn how to really work your butt off and make some nice extra money in real estate.

  4. Gina Hall

    I agree, Rich Dad is a scam and I Will do what it takes to get Robert and all the others scammers, Dean Graziozi and Wealth Builders, stopped. This is RUTHLESS and a horrible thing to do to people, especially in this economy where everyone is looking for a different way of doing things.

  5. Jeff

    I got “sold” on the Rich Dad real estate system. I realized after the three day revision period that it was mostly a scam. I was able to get about 75% of my money back by attending all the courses and the demanding a refund after the first day.

    Luckily, I live in AZ and many of the courses were offered in AZ. I did have to fly to Chicago for one course though.

    I forgot the old adage: “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

    Save your money. DO NOT fall prey to their high pressure sales tactics.


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