Have you ever wondered where the hype starts and why you get so many spam emails..

JV Updates – The Birthplace of Scum and How To Hype A Launch

Below is a post that from a typical day at http://www.JVUpdates.com

From: jvupdate@googlegroups.com [mailto:jvupdate@googlegroups.com] On Behalf Of Nathan Jurewicz
Sent: Wednesday, March 07, 2012 2:25 PM
To: jvupdate
Cc: Jonathan Herbert
Subject: [JVupdate Chatter] Attn: JV UPDATE. You Need to make friends with these people….

Hey guys I don’t normally do this but I do believe in these guys and quick disclaimer: they are paying me a 2nd tier for this email and we also paid Trevor at JV Update to send this email out so here it goes…

The same guys that run the Internet Marketing Party (Internetmarketingparty.com) now have a real estate offer. I’ll tell you about that in a minute but here is what you have to remember…


THey have opened up a LOT of doors for me in other niches. Better make friends with them now while they are “new” in real estate.

They just 2nd tiered a Mid 7 Figure JV with a very well know Marketer in the Investing Space (this happened last week and no this is not bullshit or even slightly embellished).

They also 2nd tiered my social media offer and got me over 15 affiliates that all made money that I didn’t know at all before they made this introduction.

Their new real estate offer is a completely new angle, I’ve already mailed for it and did over $7 EPC (gross). I also know the guru providing the content and know he is the real deal (we used to hang out in the same circles in the Tampa REIA clubs.

Check it out…

So, far I’ve earned $3.84 EPC (net) on this offer. You may do even better as my list has been hammered with offers lately.

What is the product?

It’s called Mobile Home Deal Maker Formula. It’s a self-paced education system that teaches folks how to cash in on a huge, virtually unknown, red-hot real-estate goldmine in their spare time with little to no out of pocket expense or experience required. This is something completely new and there’s virtually no competition in this alternative real-estate niche everyone else is ignoring.

How much is it?

Gold Level: $297 one time

Platinum Level: $297 X 2

Group Coaching upsell: $97/month

80% of new clients are taking the Platinum Level

Affiliate commission is 50%.

Who’s John Fedro?

John is the developer of this unique system and practices what he preaches. Several years ago, John was broke and struggling to make his first dime in traditional real-estate until one day he accidentally discovered a HUGE untapped goldmine – a booming 21.8 million unit housing niche that everyone else ignores because they’re completely oblivious to the easy profit potential that is staring them in the face every day.

Since then, he’s gone on to secure over 120 properties with very little – and sometimes – no out of pocket investment. Each of these properties start making him money within 30 days.

He’s typically paid $3,000 – $6,000 up-front and continues to receive passive monthly cash flow ($300-$600) for as long as 10-30 years.

Webinar Squeeze page and Intro animation for webinar registration.

The sales webinar is evergreen so you can send out an email to your list whenever you want. Obviously sooner is better so that you’re the first to introduce this to your people before everyone else picks it up. It can be watched right now (it also includes “live” call in interviews from 3 of his recent students who closed deals within 30 days of using his system).


Sign up to the affiliate program here:


Please email jonathan@mobilehomeformula.com to get email swipe copy and links after you sign up.

Nathan Jurewicz
“The Kid”

*** REVERSE SHORT SALE SYSTEM = Easy Commissions! ***
High Conv. & EPC @ $97, No Squeeze, No Webinar, Unique Offer, Pays on Continuity. Already on board…
– Preston, Nathan J, Boatright, Medley, Cantwell, Collins, Zack, Lee, etc .
Go here to learn more: http://m3page.com/1/rss

To send your reply to the whole group hit “reply to all” and
your reply will go out to all 380+ JVupdaters. If you just hit
“reply” it’ll go back to the person who sent the email ONLY.

If you want to be taken off of this list… email Trevor at
trevor@trevormauch.com. Cool?


There is no “huge, virtually unknown, red-hot real-estate goldmine in their spare time with little to no out of pocket expense or experience” That this clown talks about. It is a highly competitive, and  only a few big players paying cash for everything that is worth buying.

What a tool.


2 thoughts on “Have you ever wondered where the hype starts and why you get so many spam emails..

  1. Jean Norton

    I’ve met and heard John Fedro speak and I know of his program and how it works. Kudos to him for thinking outside the box for investment strategies and making it work for him.

    A warning for ALL regarding real estate programs – Real Estate Investing is NOT easy!

    John’s program is the typical buy “subject-to” and sell “owner-finance” but with mobile homes. Mobile homes are not considered deeded real estate (if not sold with land) so therefore not as risky. So get your bandit signs and craigslist ads and focus on mobile home parks. Get 40 or so cash flowing at $200/month and you’ll make $8,000/month.

    That is his program in a nutshell – free.

    1. Duncan Wierman Post author

      Like I said, nothing new in the investment word. Just another marketing twist to the public.

      There are lots of under water mobile homes you can take over subject to I am sure ..LOL.

      And be ready to spend tons of time collecting that 200 a month .. This is a demographic that is not the best paying people.


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