Why Memphis Invest Is Under The Microscope By Feds

You may find this public information of interest especially pages 65 & 73:

2012 University of Memphis study

These are facts compiled from public record and shared by government agencies that have be cheated of taxes or fees.

This is not going to go away.  There are a number of different agencies that will want their fees or taxes and can simply lien the investor property to ensure payment.

Its going to get ugly.


8 thoughts on “Why Memphis Invest Is Under The Microscope By Feds

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  2. Duncan Wierman

    It is reported that Sharon Anderson lawyer for most of MemphisInvest.com closing was indicted today.

    Allegation and agencies prosecuting Anderson are yet to be identified but it is expected to be covered in the Memphis Commercial Appeal tomorrow 1/12/13.

    The pack of card begins to fall apart.

    by the way did you miss the arrest and indictment for bank fraud of the Clothier’s closing lawyer? Sharon J. Anderson was arrested and indicted on January 11th 2013 by The US Attorney for the Western District f Tennessee. She has been the Clothiers lawyer almost exclusively since 2005 through late 2012 when I speculate they got wind of issues and added some new closing lawyers for TN and TX.




    1. Duncan Wierman

      Sharon Anderson the Real Estate Closing Attorney for Memphis Invest was released on $10,000 bail. She was in custody for 3 hours. This leads me to believe that she will help in the investigation of Memphis Invest. Turning states evidence is a better way to go , then putting herself at risk of jail time. She is asking for prayers on her facebook page.. Now you know why!

      The Feds are deeply serious about the actions they are going to take against this company.

  3. Duncan Wierman Post author

    The U.S. Attorney for the Western District of TN obtained a guilty plea from Sharon Anderson.

    Anderson has been the real estate closing lawyer for Memphis Invest since 2005 and has a reputation for innovation in “making real estate transaction work.”

    Sentencing is scheduled in 60 days allowing lots of time to have her produce files and explain all any Memphis real estate scams.

    My belief based on conversations with the FHA & FBI and the trivial case she rolled over for, this was a fishing trip to get to bigger fish……..

    1. The case she pled out on has nothing to do with MemphisInvest.
    2. She is a real estate closing lawyer and therefore officer of the court and held to a significantly higher standard of ethical conduct.

    Tic-Toc-Tic-Toc. A


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  4. Andrew Waite


    It is public record that MemphisInvest filed a defamation claim (8/19/13) against me as publisher of Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine. The claim by The Clothiers and MemphisInvest was that I had made false statements about loan buy backs demands by Fannie Mae of Guild Mortgage.

    Guild was one of the loan providers that MemphisInvest used to sell properties to those investors that could not pay cash for their properties.

    Today (3/18/14) the Clothiers and MemphisInvest filed for a Voluntary Dismissal (of the case) Without Prejudice. This is on the eve of our conducting depositions of Kent Clothier Snr. and Chris Clothier.

    Their reason for the dismissal is that based on their deposition of me they determined “I knew what I said was untrue” and also that I do not have the resources to fight them or pay damages in the event they should win such a claim. Really?

    In our opinion the timing is far from coincidental. The public record for this company, individuals and associates is not flattering.

    As an aside, Sharon K. Anderson, long time closing lawyer to MemphisInvest, was to be sentenced this Friday (3/21/14) but due to a schedule conflict on the prosecutors part, the parties have agreed to reschedule sentencing on her plea to one count of bank fraud in a case unrelated to MemphisInvest.

    Watch PersonalRealEstateInvestorMag.com for further updates.

    Best to you and your readers.

    Andrew Waite
    Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine


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