REWW Offices Closed !

Real Estate World Wide ( REWW ) The Piccolo/Clothier Jr. partnership has abandoned their offices and moved their West Coast address to a mail boxes  place.

The web site has purged any mention of Memphis Invest.  I am going to assume that is because they are worried about their closing lawyer’s indictment and arrest for bank fraud being a little too close to home and Jim’s admitted fraud.

Real Estate World Wide Offices Closed REWW Closed Shut Down


Contributed by Andrew Waite, Editor of Personal Investor Magazine.


21 thoughts on “REWW Offices Closed !

  1. Kent Clothier

    You do realize how ridiculous you look – right?

    Andrew Waite continues to make this blog look foolish – we moved our offices to a new location in Scottsdale. God forbid he actually do any research before he hijacks your good name and publishes this garbage.

    This was about as well researched as the other nonsense this guy prints and spouts off…..amazing.

    Duncan, I’ve told you before on a recent phone call, that I respect what you do although I don’t always agree with your delivery. You might want to do yourself a favor and at least make sure that the true author is on the blog – because he ruins any credibility that you have every time he opens his mouth.

    Real Estate Worldwide is thriving and continues to have great success in the market. We have about 10 employees in our new location and now have about 500 students around the country.

    Jim Piccolo has no ownership or management stake in REWW, yet Mr. Waite continues to harp on his involvement as one of our advisors and marketers.

    As I explained to you before, Jim was the founder of Nouvea Riche and had great success in empowering thousands of people over the years. He was also someone that got caught up in the nightmare of bad real estate deals and the industry tanking in general. Any real estate investor in the market when the crash happened, certainly got hurt.

    Hell the biggest banks and some of the smartest people in the world made bad deals that hurt them, their companies, and their reputation in that crash.

    I find it interesting that Mr. Waite, as you know and have seen the texts and emails that I personally shared with you, was falling all over himself to have Jim Piccolo come and speak at his next event. Additionally he was praising that Jim was back involved in real estate, and working to have REWW and Memphis Invest all advertise in his magazine again ……….all while he was writing his garbage and trashing REWW and Jim on this blog.

    Yeah – that’s who this guy is.

    I find it equally as interesting that there is so much garbage about Mr. Waite in public record regarding his own financial downfalls and dealings, police reports, judgements, etc.

    You would think that someone with this kind of baggage and horrible reputation would be the first one to stand aside and worry about his own business.

    Instead, as I shared with you, he has a vendetta against me, my family, and our individual companies because we decided to stop advertising with him and his magazine. He is intent on making up nonsense, hurting our reputation, and playing childish games to try to damage REWW or Memphis Invest.

    Goes to show any potential new advertisers with Personal Real Estate Magazine – BE VERY CAREFUL.

    This magazine has no problem taking ANYONE’S Money (whether you’ve actually done any business or not) and then writing glowing articles about you and your company – to push you on an unsuspecting public.

    However, if you decide to take your advertising dollars in another direction – this publisher has no problem creating fictional pieces to slander your business all in an effort to pressure advertisers to reengage.

    Pretty funny how many times this individual has slandered our company and gone to great lengths to talk trash in general about us. All while he is calling behind the scenes to the office and asking us to advertise and implying that it will stop if we start to pay again.

    You do the math.

    As I’ve said before, we stand behind our companies, our employees, and most importantly our students.

    We are not hard to find and any time that you would like to do some research before letting Mr. Waite publish stuff like this and make you and this blog look foolish, you can feel free to call me and I will happily let you interview me, my staff, our clients, and our students.

    Take Care,

    Kent Clothier

    1. Duncan Wierman Post author

      Kent – anyone can write for the blog. I give you the opportunity to respond accordingly. If Andrew Waite of Personal Investor Magazine wants to contribute it is his right.

      I do not feel that allowing news that will harm or impact real estate investors less than honorable.

      The fact is that you are under investigation and that is that. If the investigation goes nowhere, I will publish that action, and why

      Also, the post did not say you vanished.. It said you closed your DOORS to your offices. Is that not a true statement?

    2. Duncan Wierman Post author

      Hello Chris
      If I am not aware who is calling, I don’t answer my phone. If you don’t leave a message, (which I have none) I can’t call you back. Perhaps you don’t have my correct number? If you have called, please turn on your caller line identification so I know who it is.

      That said, I really don’t know what there is to discuss. I would like to keep everything on public record.

      I appreciate the invitation, but that would not really prove anything about the financial operation of Memphis Invest. I have read the report in full on the examination of the business practices my a neutral third party. I am basing my blog post solely around how the financials are presented, and also methods used to fund deals.


  2. Kent Clothier

    You and I both know that this is semantics.

    The headline and article was intended to do nothing but harm REWW and Memphis Invest.

    If you somehow think that our office MOVE is newsworthy, then so be it. But at least state it correctly ….. “REWW Moves Offices”.

    That headline probably won’t pull as well. So I get it.

    I appreciate you changing the author to Mr. Waite. At least that prevents him from hiding behind your good name as he’s tried to do before.

    I rarely respond to this type of stuff, but as I shared with you in our conversation, this individual has a much different agenda than yours.

    As far as an “investigation”, let me state the facts as we know them.

    To the best of our knowledge, the only person that has ever said that we were under investigation, is Mr. Waite.

    So if that’s your “source” ..well, then here we go again.

    On the other hand, if you have first hand knowledge of any investigation into Memphis Invest, then I would welcome your comments and insight.

    We have never been contacted in any way, by any agency about any investigation whatsoever.

    Neither us or our attorney have been contacted by any agency. No letter, no phone calls, no interviews. Nothing.

    If we are ever contacted – we would fully cooperate. The scrutiny of our operation does not bother us – we have openly welcomed you, our clients, our vendors, and anyone else that would like to look at our operation and help us to improve.

    What we do believe, based on Fannie and Freddie information, is that the Memphis market (and many others around the country) is being looked at for possible mortgage fraud violations on some transactions in the past few years.

    Now can you possibly draw the conclusion that they would be looking at some of our transactions simply because we do hundreds of houses a year in Memphis and we are the largest home buyer in the state of Tennessee.

    You could draw that same conclusion about MANY other Memphis companies as well. Each of these companies also buy and sell hundreds of houses in the Memphis market.

    Yet, I don’t see any of these companies being mentioned in any of your (our Andrew’s) posts.


    Because they are still advertising with Personal Real Estate Investor magazine – at this very moment.

    Again, thanks for letting me respond.


  3. Andrew Waite

    Open letter to Kent Clothier:

    As a publisher we were disappointed to lose MemphisInvest as an advertiser.

    The good news though was we were already carrying competitive advertising from other Memphis turnkey operators and this upset the Clothiers. Soon after they expressed their displeasure, a campaign to try and discredit these companies began. Your brother told us about police records and other potentially scurrilous information about competitors. Public records (really old) started turning up in unmarked envelopes trying to turn us off to these advertisers. I am not saying you guys sent this, but the timing was uncanny and coincidental.

    When we asked about these documents of the supposed malcreants they all explained these adequately as dropped charges or other suitable explanations but then pointed us to other public records. A couple of these turn key operators claimed this was not an unusual sales tactic in Memphis when they sold an investor. Soon after the recorded sale, the investor was negatively marketed trying to win them away to an alternative provider.

    You claim you are not aware of a Federal investigation of Memphis turnkey vendors. If this is the case why did your brother Chris Clothier call the lead FHA investigator and invite him to MemphisInvest offices to explain your processes….I understand they declined. I have been interviewed by these same Federal officials. An official is speaking at our April Investor Provider Leadership Summit on how to remain in compliance and out of their sights given the Memphis experience.

    Why did the FHA force Guild Mortgage and other lenders to buy back loans sourced through some select Memphis turnkey vendors?

    Why did James Piccolo sign a consent decree in 2011 to settle the $5 million dollar investor fraud case with the AZ Attorney General if there was not legal cause?

    Why did a 2010 University of Memphis study on Memphis as a market identify a number of investor provider irregularities. They named names and irregularities.

    Kent you were part of meeting Jim Piccolo called between you and I back in November 2012 to try and mend fences. At that meeting you told us you would “let bygones be bygones if we could start anew. If we did that we could earn the right to win your advertising.” We declined to carry your advertising under any circumstance. Neither you, or any of the companies you are associated with are welcome as advertisers.

    Yes, we invited Jim Piccolo to an event. Jim and Nouveau Riche were charter advertisers and supporters of Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine for six years. We did invite him, as we invite everyone and anyone associated with this industry, to attend our bi-annual Investor Provider Leadership Summit. You will recall Jim reciprocated and invited me to attend one of your events where you presented. Jim was clearly involved and universally recognized as a key player in your REWW program to a number of returning Nouveau Riche field managers and associates. REWW appeared to have adopted and refreshed the whole Nouveau Riche downline structure and compensation plan.

    We reviewed your REWW program as a part of an education program analysis in Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine. We found REWW typical of high priced guru events designed to help yourselves before you helped your students. Piccolo is a recognized expert at multi-level marketing network marketing programs. That review (included REWW, Renatus, Strongbrook & HomeVestors) was published in the November-December issue of Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine and was a popular piece. REWW helped contribute to that review and for that I thank you.

    As far as my public record is concerned…….I will stand by it, good or bad.

    Please use this to try and tarnish me…it is a badge of courage that you think this is necessary. Just be careful that you are precise and accurate. There are couple of unsubstantiated accusations in your letter above that I could pursue as they are wildly inaccurate and most probably as a result of the pressure your are coming under.

    In other cases there is lots of background. In one case I was an expert witness for the plaintiff. The defendant has never gotten over it as he lost in a big way and left the business as a bankrupt. He has tried to rewrite the internet record but again the public record is undeniable. In another case I was a witness where the real estate investment educator defendant ended up in Federal prison. This story continues.

    If you want to exchange our respective public records, I am happy to share what I have on hand.

    Notice I did not start an anonymous site or Facebook page to try and trash you. This has happened to me since our meeting and the review in November.

    When your family lawyer, Charlie Cottam started sending us cease and desist demands re public records we felt we needed to do a little research for our files anticipating having to mount a defense. Thank goodness for “the way back machine” and local courthouse records.

    Freedom of speech remains a right in this country, especially if you are a publisher and adhere to the public record and the truth.

    Kent, I wish your Dad the best in his recovery.

    I know Sharon Anderson’s arrest for bank fraud around closings (none of yours,) has not make things easier in the Memphis market. With various deep pocketed funds buying up Memphis and leading competitive turnkey vendors, I understand price points are rapidly moving out of cash flow range for smaller operators thus making Memphis less attractive for investors. Memphis Investment Properties met BLT Fund at one of our events and proceeded to buy hundreds of their homes, contract for ongoing acquisition services and property management for at least five years.

    Kent I invite you to attend our April Investment Provider Leadership Summit to understand what we are really up to and its not going after you but trying to help promote generally accepted rental accounting principles and investment standards so the millions of Americans wishing to protect and build their retirement funds can thrive. True investor wealth and professional reputation is not found in opportunistic sales of properties with dubious yield calculations and peddling over-priced educational packages. Kent; Karma is a killer!

    Best to you.

    Andrew Waite, Publisher, Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine

    1. chrisclothier

      Duncan Wierman,

      I have called you several times and have not heard back. I was simply calling to offer an open invitation for you to visit us here in Memphis at any time it is convenient for you.

      As my brother Kent Jr. has told you, we have hosted hundreds of real estate professionals in our offices over the past year. Most of them are looking for guidance and help as they set up or seek to grow their own companies. Some are real estate professionals and others are property management companies, but all have visited and shadowed our companies at no charge to them. As someone who appears to be seeking good alternatives for real estate investors, you would always be welcome to see our company for yourself up close.

      All the best,

      Chris D. Clothier


      Andrew Waite,

      First, we appreciate the kind words about my father. His surgery went well and he is doing excellent…even coming into the office for a couple of hours today. As always, he is thankful for your words and wishes you the best with your magazine. I also apologize in advance for the length of this letter, but I believe it should help provide a clearer picture to help you more accurately report in the future.

      My family has gone about our business these last two years without much thought given to your magazine. I think I was fairly spot on when we last spoke almost two years ago. I told you at the time that your magazine did not need Memphis Invest as an advertiser to be successful. While I am not certain of how your magazine is doing, it appears to be just fine.

      I also stated that Memphis Invest did not need to advertise in your magazine to be successful. I am certain that Memphis Invest and Premier Property Management have done exceptionally well and we have opened a second investment city for our clients. It would appear I was right on both accounts.

      As a company, we completed 189 transactions during our last year of advertising with your magazine. Two years later, we completed 452 transactions in one year and are on pace to complete over 500 investment property transactions in 2013. Our property management company is managing over $150 million in investment property value for close to 700 investors from around the country. The nearly 1,700 properties we are managing now in two cities are a tremendous testament to what started off as my father and step-mother driving in their car looking at houses for investment over 10 years ago.

      In case you were not aware, we now have 40+ employees in three separate companies and last year assisted over 70 small business owners by providing consistent and reliable work with a weekly pay schedule. We paid out over $13 million to local small businesses who provided renovation and other services for us and our clients. As for your online and email mentions of our company and permits, it would be helpful to have familiarity with Shelby County permit rules and records and it would nice if you reported on all of the companies you are aware of in Memphis – including your advertisers.

      As for Memphis Invest, our contractors pulled 417 permits on our properties in 2012. Year to date in 2013 they have pulled 122 permits in two cities when they are required. I am not sure of the other companies, but I do know that Memphis Invest has had regular meetings with code enforcement to ensure that our contractors are pulling necessary permits. By improving our working relationship with the code enforcement department, both the processes in our renovation department and the finished investment properties for our clients have improved as well.

      As far as your comments over the past 7 months that Memphis Invest is under investigation and I believe you have even discussed a class action lawsuit, I would hope that you have something more to go on besides my phone call before making such wild statements. To the best of my knowledge, we may be the only company in Memphis who reached out to and met with multiple government agencies offering our assistance in the past year as they search for fraud in the Memphis market. If by reaching out to and meeting with these investigative agencies, you made the stretch that we are under investigation ourselves, in my opinion that calls into serious question your motive. As was stated by Kent, we have never been contacted by anyone regarding our company and the only contact or meetings have been initiated by our company offering our assistance.

      Yes, we are aware of each time you claim we are under investigation. Each time you have sent an email, made a phone call, left a voicemail, spoken about us from stage or over cocktails with a small group or in individual sit-downs and even posted on blogs anonymously or under your name, we have been notified and have passed the information along to our lawyers. Of course, they have advised us that while it is false and often defamatory, it does not appear as if there is much traction or an audience for the false rumors. It is hard to prove that someone is hurting your company with false rumors when the company has grown nearly 200% during that same period.

      I think this is a good time to point out as well that while we no longer use Guild mortgage as a lender, Memphis Invest has six fantastic lending relationships offering assistance to our investors. When you report as you did on this blog that Memphis Invest has lost its lending capacity, please make sure that you truthfully report that Guild mortgage closed all 63 outstanding loans for our clients over the past 90 days. Those are the actions of a company, whose explanation to us is, they would like to move in a different direction. A company who is fearful of buybacks or investigations does not close all 63 outstanding loans. They have been exceptional to work with through the years and they did a phenomenal job of closing our clients’ outstanding loans.

      The actual reasons for the success and growth of Memphis Invest have been the very things that you have mocked our company for in past issues of your magazine. We have always operated with the highest level of integrity. We have worked diligently to make sure our clients have an experience where they feel secure with their investments and a completely transparent communication environment from the beginning. Our staffs’ willingness to go above and beyond what had been the standard for out of area investing and property management is the exact reason that 63% of our transactions in 2012 were completed with existing clients growing their portfolios with our company. Those are the actions of investors who are very satisfied with their returns, the transparent process, the on-going communication and the likelihood of positive future performance.

      As for Kent Clothier, Jr. and his newest endeavor, Real Estate World Wide, I do not think there is a better person in the country to lead and grow such an opportunity. My father, Brett and I support Kent 100% and have offered to help in any way possible including providing support, education and mentoring to anyone trying to transition into real estate full time. We have already had the pleasure of hosting one of Kent’s students here in Memphis for four days as he shadowed our company at no charge to him beyond his own travel. Kent has repeatedly informed you that he has his companies and we have ours and while we are fiercely proud of what all of us have accomplished, your insistence on trying to tarnish everyone at the same time is uncalled for. Kent’s company has no ties to Memphis Invest in common ownership or mission, but to have a company want to teach how we have developed our systems and processes is an effort that we will support whole heartedly.

      Lastly, a good, personal friend of our is going through a very tough professional challenge and you have exploited her situation solely to hurt Memphis Invest. Sharon Anderson is a wonderful person who may or may not have made a mistake 10 years ago. She will have her opportunity to speak in a court of law. You, however, have ignored facts and not only tried to hurt her, you have tried to do so at our expense. Sharon is not our personal lawyer. She is one of 6 different closing attorneys that Memphis Invest has used in the past year. She has been a large part of our closing business both personally and professionally, but she was also the closing attorney for several other Memphis companies including an advertiser of yours whom you have selectively chosen not to mention or try to tie to her legal situation.

      You have also failed to report on any of the hundreds of other indictments handed down by the justice department around the country over the past month for real estate and mortgage fraud. Instead, you have focused on one case involving one count against one woman in Memphis, Tennessee so that in your many emails and phone calls to others in this industry, you could say that the attorney for Memphis Invest was indicted. A complete fabrication of the truth and an absolute injustice to a woman who is still presumed innocent.

      My father has asked me to express that with hindsight being perfect and the gift of time on our side, we can look back and recognize that we have handled ourselves poorly at times in our dealings with you. We have absolutely made mistakes as have you. However, we harbor no ill will today for any of your actions or the words you have spoken about our company. Today, we are focused on the positives that come with operating our businesses and the genuine enjoyment we get from dealing with our clients. By choice, we do not waste what precious time we have on negative distractions.

      I know it has been nearly two years since we last spoke and I do not believe that either of us has made a genuine effort to speak to the other. However, there is never a bad time to set the complete picture so you can tell the whole story. We do sincerely wish you the best of luck with your future endeavors.

      Chris D. Clothier

  4. Andrew Waite


    Chris: Thank you for taking the time to develop this response to my Open Letter to Kent Clothier Jr.

    I do not quite understand why you are taking up this discussion for Jr. that began by discussing the relocation of his and Jim Piccolo’s business, RealEstateWorldWide.

    I do know you are practical and I know you would admit there is far more here than any of our “open letters” detail. It is helpful to reconnect after 18 months.

    You know me well enough to know I take my role as a publisher seriously. There are two things I know: stick to facts that are supported by the public record and other reliable sources. Corroborate, cross-reference and document everything! If compelled, we are prepared to produce well-researched documentation.

    Protecting the truth and the industry is an important role of any industry publication.

    As Andrew Breitbart said “Truth is not mean, it’s just the truth!”

    Giving you the benefit of the doubt I pray the results of heightened scrutiny of allegedly irregular real estate activity in Memphis TN by Federal and other agencies does not include you or hurt any investors or our industry.

    It is generally agreed this would come as a black-eye for our industry, our respective businesses and harm the people that have put their trust in us all.

    Best to you.

    Andrew Waite
    Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine

    PS. If you are as comfortable as you claim with your record and your integrity, I invite you to attend our Investor Provider Leadership Summit April 25th & 26th in Baltimore. There will be 70 to 100 leading investment services and property providers in attendance. AJW

  5. Disgusted reader

    Mark Twain warned against arguing with a fool. Seems to me Andrew Waite is a scumbag drawing negative attention to use as blackmail material. Hiding behind freedom of speech is a joke. Someone should hold his ass accountable for the lies and slander he is spreading.

    1. Duncan Wierman Post author

      I have to laugh because that is exactly what you are doing
      Disgusted reader
      With your IP address in Wichita Kansas

      You don’t have the BALLS to say who you are…. Obviously you have somethign to hide!

      There is no blackmail here.. this is purely investigative reporting.

  6. Andrew Waite

    Duncan: Why dignify an anonymous whine with a response?

    Our readers and clients endorsed our Professional Rental Estate Investment Standards publication as a pushback to the “Voodoo Math and Spreadsheet Lies” being pandered by many of these aggressive vendors. You may access below.

    Here we explain how numbers represented by some vendors overstate returns using GAAP real estate rules. We have already distributed some 40,000 copies of this document and we continue to sell well. These numbers and analysis process have been used in a number of the mobile app versions being a adopted by major investment responsive brands.

    On another point – We also have an FHA investigator and compliance officer tentatively scheduled for our Investor Provider Leadership Summit to help large turnkey vendors stay in compliance on wholesale purchases that are then repackaged for investor sales. Everyone is welcome to this B2B event.

    If I am being using bad data “to blackmail anyone” why would that “anyone” not call me out legally for making stuff up when it is all on public record and there is a very active and ongoing investigation on Memphis investor real estate practices. The most recent update was 2/28/13 when a investor property of specific interest sold at auction.

    I am happy to be held accountable for the “lies and slander (I am) he is spreading.” We would look forward to such a public forum to discuss the truth and investment standards with those that disagree with the premise that 1 + 1 no longer equals 2.

    Best to you and “Query”

    Andrew Waite – Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine

  7. Bob Jones

    Given that the investigation into Memphis invest is a matter of public record, their significant properties lost to foreclosure also on public record and the class action all verifiable, not to mention the recent report showing their over 100 violations of deed restrictions, I find it incredulous that they are defending themselves so vigorously in the face of the facts. Unless, in this case, there is absolutely no fire, just spontaneously created smoke 🙂

  8. Andrew Waite

    Bob: Thank you for your third party verification and support.

    Just this week, there have been two property transactions in Shelby County that are germane to this discussion: Eastern Drive and another portfolio of 14 houses going into controversy and most likely litigation over a hurried disposition ignoring contractual commitments that has now gone terribly wrong potentially costing the investor hundreds of thousands. All available on public record.

    I continue to offer an invitation to Chris or any of the Clothiers the opportunity to attend our next bi-annual Investor Provider Leadership Summit April 25th & 26th in Baltimore. We have entites from the FHA, members of the Fortune 50, billion dollar funds and dozens of investment service providers will be attending and/or presenting.

    They are welcome to share their success……

    Andrew Waite – Publisher Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine.

    1. Duncan Wierman Post author

      Yes I see you have one.. and any idiot can join a scam without doing research. Guess you dont know about all the Memphis Invests foreclosures going on now … so if you want to learn RE from these guys.. be my guest.

      And you and your

      I see you are hawking a 99% of the work done for you Network Marketing system with no product..
      MMBC Founder Scott Thompson
      -A fully automated system that does 99% of the work for you.
      – A comp plan that pays you 200% commissions as soon as next Friday by Direct Deposit.
      – A comp plan to where someone is making over $25k a day!?!?!?


  9. Andrew Waite

    Duncan: Seems the whiney little trolls are out with their attempted anonymous posts. Another one of these Dream Stealer mastermind zombies. Aren’t smart enough to smell a scam till they are in over their head.

    Meanwhile we are coming up on Sharon Anderson’s trial. The word in Memphis is she is whistling like a canary in an attempt to get charges reduced.

    Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock….. as a betting man I believe many heads are gonna roll! The Feds do not move fast, but when angered move fiercely and finally.

    With the hundreds of million dollar mortgage fraud cases why did they go after Anderson for a relative minor event ten years ago? Just wait… there is a lot more.

    On good (no impeccable) authority……”interesting times.”

    Andrew Waite. Publisher, Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine

  10. Andrew Waite


    Let’s be more specific and creep close to the word unethical, but in this Internet age for many Gen X, Y & Millenials anything goes. Accepting white lies, conscious omissions, discourtesy or downright defiance of specific commercial requests is OK.

    Last night, the extremely successful Arizona Real Estate Investors Association (owned and operated by National REIA board member, Alan Langston) ran their weekly meeting.

    Yesterday afternoon prior to the meeting, a Real Estate WorldWide associate called the AZRIA office and asked if it was appropriate to hand out flyers for a competing being conducted by REWW on how to use Kent Clothier Jr’s Find cash now software etc. They were politely told as non-members they did not have that right at this privately owned members and guest meeting. The call went of for 20 minutes and the answer still remained no.

    Did that stop them? Three REWW acolytes proceeded to buy $15 guest passes and begin to recruit anyone they could talk to into attending their competing meeting. One of the first people they spied was me. When I realized who they were and what they were up to, I asked if the knew Jim Piccolo, (affirmative as a leader of REWW?) and if they knew of his admitted selling of unregistered trust deeds and the Arizona restitution order to avoid criminal charges? One these fresh faced acolytes had no idea while another dismissed it all as “Bush’s fault!”

    As soon as AZREIA knew they were doing this they asked them to cease but allowed them to remain in attendance.

    Observation: Why do people who want to be taken as serious investors show up in “dance club attire” or are they really network marketers selling hype and belonging to a group that was “too cool for school?”

    WARNING: If you operate a real estate investment association or club just know that you are going to be targeted by these amateurs in the hope they can pick off a few stragglers and try to sell them high priced educational materials in competition with your programs.

    From our research REWW is almost a mirror image of Nouveau Riche, with one big difference. Today most of the real estate education they sold five years ago for tens of thousands of dollars is now available for free from far more reputable organizations than RealEstate Worldwide.

    Closing question….Kent Jr. (of the MemphisInvest Clothier family) – was that your property at 485 Eastern Drive in Memphis that just sold? Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock………..

    Andrew Waite – Publisher, Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine

  11. Andrew Waite

    Memphis Mortgage Troubles: The US Attorney for the Western District of Tennessee has indicted yet another real estate conveyancing lawyer specializing in investor properties. This Mississippi lawyer was making out two HUD 1’s per sale. One for the lender in Memphis and another for the Mississippi seller that allowed the buyer to use the loan proceeds to recover any deposit……not good!

    Apparently this lawyer was not involved with any Memphis property but this is yet another indictment from a very active joint FBI/FHA mortgage fraud task force looking at investor sales in the MidSouth region.

    Concurrently the high profile indictment of Cordoba TN lawyer Sharon Anderson on bank fraud has some important near term court dates the outcome of which we will report on.

    We also understand that conventional bank lending to many investors has become more problematic due to bankers deciding to steer clear of loans to investors on property in Memphis as they discover the existence of these FHA investigations into housing transaction irregularities.

    All those “too good to be true” investor sales numbers may turn out to be exactly that.

    Watch PREI Magazine for more.


    Andrew Waite, Publisher, Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine

  12. Jason S

    Y’all are some stupid motherfuckers. Anyone who gives this ass clown of a website any validity has to be one stupid son of a bitch.

    1. Duncan Wierman Post author

      What a professional person you are, “Jason Spurlock” You call yourself the industry’s #1 Performance Coaching Wake Up Call
      and say you are regarded as being one of the best online business developers in the world.

      YET – this is the type of comment that comes from you??

      Maybe you should wake up and do some research. Not a great comment to leave to see how you really are in the way you carry yourself.
      I guess your MMB60 program is a joke / scam too?

  13. Unhappy Franchisee

    Thanks for an entertaining website where I can get my Piccolo-fix.

    I ran across this discussion today while researching a blog post for on Jim Piccolo. Mr. Piccolo recently got hit with a $300K default judgement for the repo of the $2.1M jet he couldn’t afford.

    Jimbo has been a favorite subject on UF ever since his spectacularly misguided attempt at franchising Bizzibiz. The franchise industry misses Jim, and hopes he’ll come back soon. (Real Estate scams are SO 1990s. Please come back and try again!)

    I found Kent Clothier’s indignant outrage most endearing.

    Kent Clothier wrote: “…we moved our offices to a new location in Scottsdale. God forbid he actually do any research before he hijacks your good name and publishes this garbage… Real Estate Worldwide is thriving and continues to have great success in the market. We have about 10 employees in our new location…”

    Here is the address on the REWW website:

    Real Estate Worldwide
    8912 E Pinnacle Peak Road F9-251
    Scottsdale, AZ 85255

    Here is the address of a The UPS Store in Scottsdale:

    The UPS Store
    8912 Pinnacle Peak Rd, Ste F9,
    Scottsdale AZ 85255-3649

    I would not heed financial or investing advice from a man with a foreclosed $3M mansion, a repossessed jet, and multimillion $ judgements for fraud, nor would I trust anyone who partners with him… like Mr. Clothier.

    However, I would make an exception if Kent Clothier were to put on a workshop on how to hide 10 working employees in a UPS Store on a daily basis without the UPS franchisee finding out. This could become a great money-saving alternative for small business owners – who would gladly pay Mr. Clothier for his secret.

    Kent, please sign me up for that seminar. I already know where to send the check. 🙂

    The Unhappy Franchisee

  14. Bill W.

    Mr. Andrew Waite needs to focus on the sexual harassment charges being filed against him! Ouch!

    “…be sure your sin will find you out!” Numbers 32:23


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