Karen Hanover Appeal – DENIED –

PACER indicates that Karen’s appeal was denied (see attached screenshot).  Next up, her fraud trial. 

“Once she is convicted of that, we can take up donations for a going away gift.  Maybe 60 years worth of cigarettes?  I understand that cigarettes are more valuable in prison than money.  – R Kim”





ALSO for your amusement:



5 thoughts on “Karen Hanover Appeal – DENIED –

  1. Andrew Waite

    Duncan: Thanks for keeping us up to date on all these goings on. This appeal had the temerity of a child who had killed his parents asking for clemency based on the fact he was an orphan!

    At trial I was asked to present and validate emails that Hanover sent us to dodge invoices by claiming her father was a Federal judge and she knew the law.

    Let’s see if “he” can help her now? Shades of Mantai Teo?

    Sadly (or not!) a pathetic victim of her own psychosis. Now for the fraud trial. There are other investment companies under investigation and we look forward to following their unfolding story.

    Tick Tock Tick Tock.

    Andrew Waite
    Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine

  2. Andrew Waite

    Robert: On the reimbursement, there are a list of companies and the usual mastermind groups and gurus that enabled the Hanover fraud. I believe the restitution stage of this case will name names and require these companies and individuals that included investment gurus like Kent Clothier Jr., Than Merrill, and other members of these guru mastermind syndicates that took affiliate fees to disgorge them in favor of the victims.

    Andrew Waite
    Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine

  3. Debbie Ciampi

    Now lets see who Karen Hanover blames the “WIRE FRAUD” on.
    This woman can not take responsibility for any of her actions …..Her latest inter net posts prove that. Karen is a convicted felon out on bond. All she continues to do is blame away and bully. Isn’t that what got her in trouble in the first place ? She has tried to ruin my character a few times now. Where did this get you Karen? Just more evidence for the upcoming trial. Justice gets closer every day and the what a great job the F.B.I. has done so far.


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