Karen Hanover Debut at the Hollywood Improv

Karen Hanover makes her stand-up comedy debut at the famous Hollywood Improv.

Transitioning from live audiences to camera has been challenging but I’m looking forward to reaching a larger audience through TV. I’m doing stand-up comedy as I really miss the interaction with the live audience which you don’t get with television.

Beverly Hills, CA (PRWEB) June 24, 2013

Karen Hanover makes her stand-up comedy debut at the famous Hollywood Improv on June 23, 2013 at 7:30pm. Her light-hearted, hilarious sense of humor about being middle-aged and dating is sure to delight audiences.

Hanover has enjoyed a lucrative career as an author and public speaker (so crime does pay)  and has moved into television and comedy. Her new talk show, Who Am I to Talk, debuts in first round syndication this fall.

Additionally, Hanover is the Executive Producer of several other TV shows for syndication including a game show, entertainment news shows, cooking show, travel show and even a Saturday morning kids show. Hanover is also co-writing a made-for-televsion drama, about the United States justice and prison systems.

(Editor – Where is she getting the money to produce these?)


This press release made me laugh.( it was also released AFTER her appearance date) Its so full of lies, BS, and stupidity..

I look forward to your comments. Did anyone go ?


11 thoughts on “Karen Hanover Debut at the Hollywood Improv

  1. Duncan Wierman Post author

    From: RKim :

    Here’s a sample of some of Hanover’s comedy:

    Nice try with the comedy but she will most likely be reinvented as Inmate 8675309 or something like that. Looks like she put on some weight since her real estate guru days. (snap )

  2. Marissa Brown

    Yes, I noticed the weight gain as well. If you go to YouTube and Google KH’s name, you’ll find more examples of her SU comedy. What’s also noteworthy is that most of the first several pages of YouTube are filled with testimonials from people praising her. Disgusting!

  3. debbieciampi

    @Marissa Brown……All this delusional, convicted felon wants to do is put up rediculous posts about herself to push all the REAL /TRUE stories down the inter net chain so you do not see what she is really about. She was ARRESTED…CONVICTED…JAILED…FINED…APPEALED and LOST for Spoofing but has posted stories to ruin my name on the internet.I never heard of Spoofing till she pretended to be the F.B.I. This is how she lives her life PRETENDING. Lets see who she blames the “WIRE FRAUD” on, since it is never her fault.

  4. Marissa Brown

    This is just frikkin unbelievable! It begins with “Karen Hanover bought a 6200 sq ft home in a community called Nellie Gail Ranch”.


    Now where do you suppose she got the money to buy this house? Of course, she could be lying about it. Wouldn’t that be a surprise!! There are many pictures.

  5. Leanne

    Was it pushed back? I thought it was in October? I want to call these comedy clubs and tell them to google Karen.


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