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Warning – Cyber Thief !

Jeremy Brandt is the owner of  FastHomeOffer, 1-800-CashOffer. HomeFlux and  Jeremy Brandt is making a habit of going to every Facebook page owner who uses the words “We Buy Houses” in their marketing statement  claiming it is trademark infringement.   These words cannot be trademarked!   Facebook as a matter of course without any research into the trademark violation claim is removing these pages.  Facebook does no due diligence to confirm his claims.

Beware of  Jeremy Brandt and his unethical company activities.  Obviously Jeremy does not have any marketing knowledge, and its easier for him to make false claims to Facebook the to add value to his marketing.

Trademark Registration of Common Words or Phrases

You cannot in most cases trademark registration  a “common word” or a “common phrase.”    Sometime it is possible BUT this  is NOT one of them. Let me explain:

One example that I like to give is that of Apple Inc..  The word “apple” is a very common word, and yet Apple Inc. had no problem trademarking the term “APPLE” for computers and computer programs. Why was this allowed? Because the word “apple” is an arbitrary word when used in connection with the manufacture and sale of computers and computer programs. That is, there is nothing about computers or computer programs that relates to “apples”. Accordingly, the term “APPLE” is actually a pretty strong trademark, as happens when you apply a completely arbitrary term (however common it may be) to promote your products or services.

The case would be much different if someone wanted to get a trademark on the word “APPLE” in connection with the sale of apples (the fruit). In that case, the name “APPLE” would simply be a generic term for the type of goods being provided, namely, apples. Because of this, the Trademark Office would never issue a federal trademark registration for the term “APPLE” if the only products being provided were fruit products.

Common words or phrases are therefore well within the scope of trademark protection, so long as the words or phrases in question are not generic for the types of products or services being provided.

Jeremy Brandt is nothing but an opportunistic scumbag who is simply trying to gain a market advantage by knocking every investors’ “service” of buying houses off the internet.

Jeremy, if you can’t market your product ethically, then you have no business being in the business and deserve what is coming your way.


25 thoughts on “Jeremy Brandt – Fast Home Offer –

  1. Andrew Waite

    Duncan: This is wild if Brandt is doing as you say. HomeVestors has been able to successfully register and prosecute anyone using the phrase “we buy ugly houses.” This is because they have more specifically registered the phrase and logo type. It is how we protect “personal real estate investor magazine” as a brand. Buy “we buy houses” is unlikely as a protectable asset.

    Personally I met Jeremy Brandt (phone and email only) some nine years ago when a former employee introduced me to him as a neighbor in Fort Worth interested in the same business as we were publishing about. He was socially awkward then and this seems to persist.

    His company is essentially lead broker finding sellers and providing these leads to anyone that will pay. I you have to try and protect something, even when you are not that special.

    Tell me about anyone you know who has been bullied like this and we’ll run a story….. Best

    Andrew Waite, Publisher Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine

    1. robarnold

      Andrew. If you want more info on Jeremy Brandt and his tactics, I have a string of emails that you can publish showing the exorbitant fees he wants to charge investors to use the phrase in their marketing.

    2. Jeff Hynson

      I have had over 50 pages removed off facebook, and had my YouTube movie taken down for no reason by Melissa Lamke, Jeremy Brandt’s Employee under his order. He said he would only give them back by me signing something from his lawyer stating I would never use we buy houses then and only then would he tell Facebook to give back my pages. Complete scumbag, it has hurt my business around the United States. He will not take calls, or answer emails. Reported him to the Federal Trade Commission and his company. Also, Facebook will not do anything unless they cancel their reports, but they will not and his Trademark does not even protect online this. There is fair use in Lanham Act which allows all people to use a phrase in the descriptive sense. This is just been a nightmare. Run a story on him!#

    3. Brad Chandler

      Nice to meet you virtually. I have taken on this lawsuit for all investors nationwide. This nonsense and bullying of us investors has gone on way too long. I would like to connect with you on this issue as it is VERY important to your readers. You can read the details of the suit here – including how the trademark was allegedly obtained fraudulently. Thanks for your time!
      Brad Chandler

  2. Randall Mixon

    Thanks for reporting this! Wow, FB is crazy. I will keep that in mind, though, if anyone ever genuinely jacks my intellectual property. I was contacted by an attorney for Lou Brown a few years ago saying I couldn’t use the term Whole Enchilada. I have nothing personally against Lou, but that was whacked. I called his attorney back and left a voicemail that was not very flattering. I told him I would change it to the Whole Shebang out of respect for Lou, but not because of his empty threats. I also informed him that Lou was not the first to use the term. William J. McCorkle first coined that term with real estate, so if anything, Lou stole it from him! We have all heard about what happened to McCorkle, and he deserved what he got. Anyway, I never heard back from that attorney.

  3. Duncan Wierman Post author

    Yes, He is doing it. He is not a very good marketer in the first place, and you can see from his social media profiles, that they are not updated and add zero value or thought leadership to a potential lead. I am led to believe he might be selling out, and trying to maximize potential to his new buyer.

    He did not even file any “cease and desist ” letter. He made false complaints to Facebook. I cannot believe Facebook just took his word and they closed it down. Facebook just said “once the person who complained is happy and agrees to reinstate it, they will. Basically, you could ” FaceJack ” any page. I am making noise, so I will keep everyone posted.

    I know of a few other people who have contacted me who said the exact same thing he did to them.

    Correct, Homevestor’s is a very specific phrase / logo that they were able to get a TM on that. Jeremy Brandt does not have anything specific. We will be continuing the fight on this one.

    If push comes to shove, a negative SEO campaign against him and his companies can be done, virtually making his sites useless.

  4. Jennifer Glidden

    My facebook page was shut down because he complained that it contained the phrase “we buy houses.” My fb page and regular site rank higher in google (thanks in part to Duncan’s training) than his does under “we buy houses” for our local area. Jeremy’s late to the party on facebook however I’m sure if he gave it a little honest effort, he could rank where he wants to be.

    I have also contested his complaint with facebook. His tactics are less than impressive. Thanks for bringing more attention to this issue Duncan.

  5. MR Gordon

    He got Facebook to take down one of my pages too.

    I also doubt that his trademark allows for this.

    It is sad the way facebook handles these complaints, just giving the complainer “the power”

    My FB page was Ranking in first spot on Google.

    This is not right. How can we stop this

    1. Duncan Wierman Post author

      Lets :
      1. Complain about his page to Facebook first..

      If that does not get results.. go to war…

      2. Start a negative SEO campaign against him .. ie. put links to his site from sites of dubious content.
      3. Mass Post negative reviews against his company and site.

      He does not even have the “cahones” to confront anyone personally. He says he sent emails to everyone but he LIED, he never did.. He is a scumbag, so he should be treated the same way back.

  6. Gayle

    Hi, I was contacted yesterday by a local investor I know who said he bought the territory in my state for and said “they” came in town Thursday, snapped photos of my “We Buy Houses” signs, and will be serving me a cease and desist and possibly suing me. Said it was copyright infringement. I’m so happy to hear it may be bogus. I’d like to know by what authority, I can hardly believe someone could trademark We Buy Houses. I get he has the domain name, but my sign just says We Buy Houses and my phone #…

    1. Duncan Wierman Post author

      Lol – He cant stop you. There is no copyright infringement –

      I would do a negative SEO campaign AGAINST his customer – create links to 100s of porn sites and drop it out of the indexes.

      You would not believe how many people IGNORE Cease and Desist. He is not going to sue every person .. IF he does, simply ask for a Discovery about his company .. You can get all his customer names.

      The Franchise has to be in major trouble getting deals for their people if they are resorting to this.

  7. TP

    I received notice that my website violated the We Buy Houses trademark. My facebook page has been reported by Zak Presley. I can’t make a new one that links to my website now unless I resolve this with him. Anything else I can do about this?

      1. TP

        I tried making a new page and linking it to my site, but Facebook won’t let me link it to my website since my last page that was flagged was linked to it.

  8. Bonnie Kunz

    I clicked on their add as it kept popping up during my email and property searches.
    They never responded. My last check today said I already submitted an application. That was last week and still haven’t heard from them. So much for instant response. I have to wonder if CNN, NBC are really sponsoring this business as advertised? That’s the only reason I clicked it. Seems to be false advertising.

  9. Janie N Travis Schurr

    I own the “we buy houses” for clarck county and I welcome you guys to advertise becuase it drives more business to my page. However webuyhouses is trademarked so with that being said there is a legal side to it.

    1. Duncan Wierman Post author

      There is also currently a NEGATIVE SEO campaign toward his page.. If you see the rankings drop , I guess it will show up in PORN directories soon. Good luck with your lead gen from it.

  10. Brad Chandler

    Duncan – would love to chat with you. As you probably know, I took on this battle for the investors around the US. We have filed a lawsuit in the Federal Court of Virginia. We have a trial date set for early next year. We need to raise more money. Can you please reach out to me? For those who want to donate to the cause please do so here –

    If you would like to read the lawsuit and his bogus counter claims against me please do so here –


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