Karen Hanover Files A Pleading For Home Confinement Instead of Prison

Please see the attached five page PDF  file in which she says she is sorry, and does not know why she did what she did.  She accepts responsibility and would like to refund everyone. She also uses her parents illness as a reason why she should not go to prison.

Download by clicking the link below

Karen Hanover Sentence Pleading For Home Confinement

What do you think?


8 thoughts on “Karen Hanover Files A Pleading For Home Confinement Instead of Prison

  1. Minerva

    What a crock! “Stellar reputation” and “spic-and-span Internet record”? Puleeze! In 2000, she was found guilty of cyberstalking in OC Superior Court. The number of civil cases in which she is either plaintiff or defendant is mind boggling. You can find details on the OC Superior Court website. Judge Staton presided over the “spoofing” case and called Karen out for that, although only sentenced her to six months. I think she will disregard this request, as Karen has zero credibility and violated the terms of her parole. And who is Carole Herrick? She never identifies herself.

    Duncan, thanks for keeping us posted. Please let us know when Karen is sentenced.

  2. Robert Kim

    Duncan, I feel badly that Karen Hanover has to go away without her usual luxuries and would like to send her a Care package. So far, I have on the shopping list:

    5 cartons of cigarettes, 1 toothbrush, 1 case tuna fish, 2 cartons of instant soup, 5 cases of protein bars, and 10 pounds of coffee.

    Can you get your blog readers to contribute? Hopefully, with a little TLC, we can make Karen’s prison stay almost as comfy as any summer camp she may have gone to as a kid.

    To Duncan’s followers: How can we care less for Karen than a stray dog or cat that we choose to adopt or at least take to the local ASPCA for spaying, shots, food, and shelter? Sure, Karen is a scumbag skank who knowingly stole millions of hard-earned dollars from honest people who trusted her. Sure, Karen is a lying ho who tried to lie her way out of her conviction of impersonating a federal agent. Yes, Karen never learns what is right and what is wrong even posing as an alter ego, Karen Zaxton, to raise funds on the Internet directly violating a court order not to do so. But she is still a living being, albeit at a level between cockroach and that pasty film that accumulates in your mouth when you’re really thirsty, so I hope you’ll join my efforts to make Karen’s prison tenure as pleasant as possible. She’ll definitely be back in after violating terms and conditions of her release once she gets out, so let’s at least make this stay a nice one for her.

  3. Karen Hanover

    As gated communities go it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. Waterfront property, secure, ocean views, meals included and free health care.

    Check in took forever, a bit odd too. Once I got to my room, I was annoyed that I couldn’t adjust the AC as my room, although on the water, was hot and muggy. They obviously overbooked as I was made to share my accommodations with another person.

    The cook was from some 3rd world country and probably a C-minus student at best because the only spice he knows to use was cayenne pepper.

    Don’t get me started on the security guards; they were so rude. Horrible conversationalist. I’m going to write management on that one.

    The other problem I had was they wouldn’t let me leave, keep saying I have to wait a few years. As if their resort was some kind of Eden and I would be crazy to want to go.

    The architect was a little screwy. Also, he put the toilet and sink right next to my bed, what was he smoking?

    ★ Overall: The food was awful, service abominable, the mattresses were rock hard. Additionally, one of the other customers tried to shank me.

    I look forward to investing in real estate with all the new information I learned. I am coming out with a new course that I will reveal on the Maury show!


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