Jim Shead – Now operating in South Carolina – Beware American Investors Network Inc.

I have been hearing a lot of talk recently about Jim Shead and American Investors Network Inc.  They have also been showing up more and more on scam review and complaint sites.  I thought its time to post about them since they are in my own state!

Jim also is being promoted by Rob Provazano heavily. American Investors and Canada Investors are companies of Jim Shead.

Dr. Guy Herman or Lancaster, California sues American Investors Network  and WON.  AIN had to reimburse investor.

Others involved in the action:

Ron Brossard
Susan Pilkenton
Mary Moses
Shirrea Tarver
Linda Davis

Guy Herman stated that they are all deceptive liars who also happen to be some of the most uneducated, incompetent, ignorant, and deceitful individuals you will ever encounter. BEWARE!!!

I have asked other to email me there stories.  Watch this space!





6 thoughts on “Jim Shead – Now operating in South Carolina – Beware American Investors Network Inc.

  1. Jean NortonJean Norton

    Oh this disappoints me.

    I spoke to Ron and he told me Jim’s story and how Jim is the one that taught the gurus, like Armando Montelongo and others, how to setup their businesses and dissolve them when things get tough. And that Jim saw what was happening and stopped teaching that and had turned to take the road on the straight and narrow. Of course take this with a grain of salt. It’s just what he told me, so therefore is hearsay.

    I guess it’s too much to hope for a leopard to change it’s spots.

  2. Nancy

    My husband and I were at the American Investor Association meeting in Charleston and something just didn’t seem right about this guy. We looked up this organization while at the meeting and noticed that American Investors Association or Canadian Investors Association were both brand new companies that Jim Shead and his cronies created after shutting down two prior companies with similar names. We knew something wasn’t right and promptly left. If you are dumb enough to lose money to scam artists like this, you likely deserve it.

    1. Kevin

      Nancy, I have been at just about every meeting that AIA has put on in Charleston. I am sorry you think there is a scam due to the age of the company. I am wondering what is your definition of “just created”. I am not a part of AIA but you are implying that the company was created in Qtr3 or Qtr4 of 2015. If you looked AIA in Georgia State registry you will find that AIA was foundation was 11/27/13. That is a couple of year old.

      Also, each of the people I personally know that have paid for Jim’s help have made more than the paid him. That doesn’t look like a scam to me.

      1. Duncan Wierman Post author

        That is very odd Kevin, because Jim pulled one over on the Charleston REIA with the list he got from them, after promising to work with there REIA and wanting it to grow.
        Something does not sit right about you and your post with me personally

    2. Frank

      I was part of Jim’s organization called AIN in 2006. American Investors Network. It was a big loser of a deal. I stressed out for 9 years trying to unload a vacant lot I bought in Florida through AIN.
      The whole thing was a rip off.
      Los Angeles

      1. Carole

        I too got Ripped off , I tried and tried his course and it was nothing but stress and grief. Even terry bontemp is a rip off. When you have questions you could never get them or others help!

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