John T. Reed Versus Donald Trump

I am highly disappointed in John T. Reed who I once respected as an honest person.   Obviously John has a personal grudge against Donald for being more successful than he ever was.

John T. Reed, has been hired as a paid expert witness for the plaintiffs in one of the Trump lawsuits, but has no current role in the cases.  He stated in regards to the response over the Trump University evaluations..“So they write a seminar evaluation, and hand it in, face-to-face.” “That,” Mr. Reed added, “is where you get your 98 percent.”

Seriously, did the Trump teachers hold a gun to these people’s head to write a good review? NO.

Money is obviously the motivating factor for John T. Reed to testify for the plantiffs as an expert witness.  In my knowledge, Mr. Reed is no longer involved in real estate or has he even attended any training of Trump University. How in the world can he be an expert?

I have seen the program material for Trump University and know a few people who taught the seminars… it was quality information.  

The problem is that most people want to get rich quick.   80% of people who buy any home study course, or coaching do not make big dollars because the don’t do the work required!  If these people wanted to be successful they would take responsibility for their lack of action. Blaming someone else for their  failures is childish.

The people who are part of this class action lawsuit are LOSERS!  They are only looking to SCAM Donald to get him to give their money back.

I believe Donald is doing the right thing by not settling this lawsuit and I hope he sues them back for liable.

#VoteTrump  #TrumpUniversityROCKs


2 thoughts on “John T. Reed Versus Donald Trump

  1. andrewwaite2013

    In any dealings we had with John T Reed at Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine, we got the distinct impression he held himself out as the high priest of real estate investment education, football coaching skills and anything else he had written a white paper on. The rest of us were apparently mere wannabes. Andrew Waite, founder and former publisher PREIMagazine.


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