TAMERA ARAGON – Locator Gold – Get Paid to Bring Houses – SCAM REVIEW

tameraWow. This post on Facebook about Tamera has started a firestorm.

I just watched Joe Mccall’s off-market house flipping webcast presented by “Tammy” Aragon. The lucky few who responded ASAP would pay only $997 vs. $17,088 for a virtual Bootcamp teaching you how to be a BIRDDOG!   Yes people, a BIRDDOG.   A fancy word was used, “arbitrage.” But basically, you pay 1k to learn how to find properties for Tammy and other investors, who will then pay you 1k if they go to closing. BIRDDOG. People, it’s time to pay attention to wtf you’re being fed and paying for.

READ THE THREAD HERE ( Now Deleted after 158 comments made)

I agree that this course is ridiculous and seriously overpriced.   Many people are shocked at how bad  guru information marketing is getting. All I can say is Buyer Beware.  Do your homework.  If it sounds to good to be true – run a mile.  Tamara’s Ripoff Report HERE

How about gurus putting disclaimers on what they’re pushing?

DISCLAIMER: I’ve never used this crap so I can’t attest to whether it works or not. The seller of the product reached out to me because I have a huge mailing list. So, I agreed push it…ooops, I mean peddle…no, sorry, offer it to you guys. By the way-if you sign up, I will make some money. And don’t ask me any questions about this product or service because I’VE NEVER USED IT! GOOD LUCK, SUCKERS! Oh, sorry-CONSUMERS.

I wish “guru’s” would review the stuff they are promoting.  I cant believe that this was even promoted at all by this guy. However looking back at his recent podcasts – the last 3 course he promoted were crap.

I will be writing another review of his new coaching program and partner shortly. There are red flags everywhere in the promo material.

UPDATE 3/28/16 11:07 EST  It appears that she has lowered the price to $197

Oh, look at what I found from her locatorgold.com website.  Now there’s an 80% discount. Oh, how GENEROUS!

Matthew Pape From $17,088 all the way down to $197, how can she AFFORD TO GIVE AWAY THIS INFORMATION!


3 thoughts on “TAMERA ARAGON – Locator Gold – Get Paid to Bring Houses – SCAM REVIEW

  1. Max

    Thanks for that review. I did the same thing with delayed purchase but was able to get out before being billed. Isn’t there a way to do real estate deals without all the hype and bs

  2. mtklema

    One of the biggest mistakes I made and have seen others make is they are always looking for the magic pill, so they buy more courses. You have to go out and do it. You are going to struggle and is hard work. VA’s should be used when you no longer have time to do the task yourself. Problem with courses is everyone wants to be the preceived expert and they see gurus make a killing and figure it is easier money than doing deals. I have seen so many times people take 1 class or do 2 deals and all of a sudden they want to mentor or coach. Thats ridiculous. My partner bought a bunch of courses and their are in my opinion a lot of gaps in the instruction. One area I have seen is in lease option courses. In lease options there are so many things you can do with them to begin with but a lot of gaps in the training. The problem with crap courses it is so easy to get to a big audience of buyers with the internet. They can easily post facebook ads and build email lists to push crap. All the material is digial so its cheap to publish. When a well know guru pushes the course on their list it is preceived by the ones buying it that the guru they trust endorses the course. People buying this stuff are so desperate for a financial change they dont think to ask the right questions about the persons experience and if the material has value. I could go on and on.

  3. Duncan Wierman Post author

    This is all smoke and mirrors. Search Google and submit deals and get paid.. Spare me. .. Why cant they setup a simple Google Alert , and then do their own deals. Can you imagine all the Craigslist Repost in the “Investor Alliance” ? Stay away from this product


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