3 Gurus – One Massive Failure – Not One Deal in 7 months


If you have not heard of the guru challenge that appeared last year on Facebook..


Rich Urban (my new hero) said this :

This whole guru challenge thing basically reveals one truth to me. These people on the wholesaling forum that try to portray themselves as “REAL ESTATE GURUS” are only really gurus at getting students. Listen up, because I’m only here to speak the truth. I have nothing to gain from this post other than maybe helping somebody out that’s about to plunk down a few grand on some mentoring. You got Joe McCall.. this guy used the excuse of being out of the country even though his whole system is based on doing deals remotely (LOL) .. he comes back to the USA and still doesn’t get a deal in the area. Even funnier yet, you have a coward like Todd Toback who enters the competition and then suddenly backs out because “he entered a personal challenge” LOL Guys.. I hate to pull back the curtain but all of these “Gurus” sure as hell sounds like some bullshit to me.

How in the hell has no one closed a deal yet? At least a few hundred thousand dollars should have been made within this time span. It boggles my mind.

End quote ……

I think for the the next competition… they can do better with “who can get a coaching student signed up the fastest” … much more action with the B/S marketing promises!


5 thoughts on “3 Gurus – One Massive Failure – Not One Deal in 7 months

  1. craigfuhr


    A couple years ago, I was approached to be a part of that group of Guru’s but politely declined because at the time, I was not doing deals. Damn good thing, huh? I agree with your basic premise Duncan. If you’re hawking courses and asking for big coaching fees, you should not say you’re doing deals unless you are actually doing deals. I could name at least 10 Gurus who are doing quite well selling courses but who have not done a deal in years – but I won’t.

    Here’s the thing though, Duncan. I don’t necessarily believe that one HAS TO BE DOING DEALS CURRENTLY to be a Guru. The basic tenants of this business work in EVERY market. Now, if you’re selling a “niche tactic” (which most are), like short sales, wholesaling REO’s, or wholesaling lease options – than these topics are “market specific.” One should have achieved some level of success IN THE CURRENT MARKET with a “market specific” niche tactic.

    I don’t believe if you’re teaching “Rehabbing for Retail,” that you must also be currently flipping. If a Guru has flipped a few hundred houses and has put together actual systems for replicating that success, those skills would be applicable in any market – anywhere. For instance, here at The Dominion Group, ( http://DominionPrivateLending.com ) we just launched a school for aspiring real estate entrepreneurs in Maryland. (How’s that for a shameless plug?) The Dominion Group has flipped thousands of houses since its founding in 2002. We also own 531 rental houses in Baltimore City – and we lend 45 million dollars per year to investors in 49 states.

    We think we are uniquely positioned and qualified to give aspiring investors EXPERIENCE not just expensive education. We don’t believe you can learn this business from a book, or online videos, or by paying tens of thousands of dollars for phone coaching. There is only one way to learn how to successfully flip houses. EXPERIENCE! The Dominion Group still buys 100-150 houses per year, and as such, we will mention that in our marketing. But, if for some crazy reason, we decide to stop buying and flipping, or buying and holding – I don’t think that would disqualify us as Guru’s.

    I’m sure you would agree – but if not, I would appreciate your thoughts.

  2. Jean Norton

    I watched the “Guru Challenge” spiral downwards. It was unfortunate to see toxic criticism and bashing of those that participated as one of the major de-motivators. It got childish and stupid and turned into verbal attacks within the group. Those participating weren’t up to that kind of challenge, and the reward wasn’t enough for them to keep working with such non-sense.

    I think any of them could have done a wholesale deal in Houston, the chosen city, had they persisted.

    Persistence is the key to this business, any business in fact. Giving up at the first sign of adversity is an all-to-common problem amongst newbies, and those that teach and coach KNOW THAT, whether they are currently doing real estate deals or not.

    It was sad to see them fizzle out.

  3. Duncan Wierman Post author

    I dont agree with you about ” the reward is not good enough” These are guru’s who stepped up to the plate to enter. They have big egos. That would have been reward enough to win. The point is that they are all losers and could not perform. These guru’s now should be avoided at all cost.

  4. Audrey Lane

    I am wondering if anyone has checked out Than Merrill. It Seems he wants to be in this same category… He charges 45k for his top program. I was really disappointed in that Than lowered himself to this. I saw the same pattern as with Zach. I have been through many presentations… 3 day, paid and free. It is ashame these ‘rich’ people (gurus) have to steal to get their money. That is the conclusion I am now pondering.

  5. Jim

    You can add Chris Chico to the list of theory pushers who don’t do deals themselves. Here is a good test if you are looking for a “Guru”. Ask them about their own real estate business. If they won’t comment on it and don’t want to talk about how they are doing, they are fulla crap. Guru types love to brag about their achievements so if they actually did what they taught and had success, logic suggests that they would exploit their own success as much as they exploit the few, if any, real student successes…even if they were testimonials full of dust from 1970.


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