Renatus – Bob Snyder – One More MLM Scam Company

Bobs-Picture_bio-199x300Same thing with a different disguise!

Nouveau Riche (University) was founded in 2000 by Jim and Mary Piccolo with co-founder Bob Snyder.  That company was sued and I believe went bankrupt shortly after that. The partners broke up and went to different states and started everything all over again. Renatus is just Bob Snyder trying it again.  

Should you trust this company, NO!

Scott Rowe is approaching Real Estate Investing Groups trying to recruit them into Renatus. Consider Scott Rowe a henchman or snake oil salesman!


Bob “The General” Snyder the  2nd in command of Nouveau Riche used to fly around in a corporate jet hawking a real estate college that is now defunct.  (The Jet has now been repossessed)

Bob was promoting a campus they were building that never happened. I now see some of the same instructors ( on Youtube) working for Renatus that were with Nouveau Riche.

Read This Article where the founder of Nouveau Riche & a few of the major players now ordered to pay $6 million in restitution.

Mr. Piccolo is a real winner. Piccolo ran into more trouble when he pleaded guilty to the theft of his girlfriend’s new Mercedes-Benz.  Although he denies responsibility now, Piccolo admitted to the court that he had dumped the car in the desert so that his girlfriend could collect an insurance claim of about $24,000. After three years probation, his felony conviction was reduced to a misdemeanor.

Piccolo is now with Real Estate World Wide with Kent Clothier

One of their top hawkers Andrew Yurasek was having multiple properties going to tax auction in South Bend IN. while promoting that real estate college. – Site Now Dead

Arizona Corporations Commission fine

In a February 17, 2011 press release, the Arizona Corporation Commission announced that “[T]he Commission ordered James Piccolo of Scottsdale, Craig Cottrell of Tempe and Michael Roberts of Scottsdale and their affiliated companies to pay $5,577,226 in restitution and a total of $300,000 in administrative penalties for defrauding 105 investors with unregistered deed of trust investments.

The Commission found that the men promoted the unregistered deed of trust investments at real estate education seminars where they convinced students to become investors, promising them double-digit returns.”


Steer clear of any person with Renatus or who was with NouveRiche!


4 thoughts on “Renatus – Bob Snyder – One More MLM Scam Company

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  2. CG

    Just curious, have you ever met Bob Synder or Scott Rowe? What is your experience with Renatus that led you to write this article?

    1. Duncan Wierman Post author

      Does it matter if I met them in person, or spoke on the phone? The crap they spout is garbage. I have also spoken to MANY other unhappy Renatus customers. I understand that people who like MLM think they can get rich quick selling real estate courses to others. Those that are for Renatus have been trying to hit up REIA groups to sell into their base. If you say NO, they are rude and ugly people thinking its a personal attack on them. If you want the best education for free, or next to nothing.. simply visit your local reia that is a Chapter of


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