Renatus – Real Estate MLM Education Company


Jean Estil

READ  below examples of pissed off people!

Everyone that is giving great reviews are apart of the scam to get others to buy into their pyramid.

They tell you to come on to educate yourself about wholesaling ..etc and then you are suckered into all the hype of trying to get people to buy the education. You get so much money if you bring other people in to buy the “education”. They tell you thats how you will fund your first deal is to bring others in. Which Bob and Scott and others are at the top of the pyramid and are getting fat off of everyone elses money.

One a business opportunity to market their educational programs with the opportunity to grow a team and become an investor yourself. The educational program is pricey and I have to take a closer look at what people are really paying for. Real Estate is a tricky business and you should make sure that if you go in as a marketer you feel good about their program before you promote it. If you are looking to do investing look at the program so that you understand what they are offering and make sure that if you put the money in you are willing to actually do the work because it is work

I went to the Thursday night meeting and felt that I was listening to a come-on, another snake charmer. Then I sat in on the Monday night follow up which was a bit more enlightening about the Renatus System and how they’ll help you not only learn how to find the money there’s training on how to find a qualified contractor, get a home inspection, how to market, where to find buyers, and more. I’ve gone to three Thursday night meeting and each time I hear the same speech by the same guy who looks like he want to sell me snake oil. Trust me I’ve talked with him and yes I can be fooled just like everyone although I get the idea that he is honest and is genuinely trying to help me succeed. Several of the investors have had stories that sound to far fetched. I was out of work, my family was about to be homeless, the car needed repairs, and my credit was in the 500s. Well my credit is below 500 and after talking with my mentor and her mentor we came up with a solution that will help me first be an affiliate and later take the training.

I bought the Renatus program 2 years ago. Although, in my opinion, a “scam” is not the correct way to describe it, I would suggest being VERY careful in making the decision to join. On the one hand, there is a lot of very in-depth content and provides a good sales opportunity. On the other hand, it is a very large financial commitment, with no guarantee you will ever get your money back out let alone become profitable. There are many free resources available that can help an intelligent person get started increasing their general real estate understanding. That said, I do believe its one of the better pay-for programs out there and if the information provided is assimilated and applied, can help make one a savvy investor, and does provide the potential for working for oneself and becoming financially free.

These are all the Nouveau Riche protégées that spun off locally in Chicago to do their version on real estate investing.  —Steve Zanko
Former Nouveau Riche Founder Bob Snyder…..start your homework there!investwise

Real Estate Investment Network luring unsuspecting Real Estate Investors in with Renatus Education, just to make deals with them and rip them off in the deals.

James Leis, previous student of Nouveau Riche that ripped hundreds of people of of as much as $20,000.00.   Now on the Founders Advisory Board of My Renatus (formerly known as Nouveau Riche) and founder of UWIN.  James W. (Jazz) Dexter, Director of Operations, employee and Team Leader for UWIN.  Ed Cathcart, Co-Founder of UWIN, Owner of American Dream Works Realty all give fraudulent testimonies to potential Renatus Real Estate Students in order to lure them into the group and sell them Real Estate Education to make a hefty commission in the double digit thousands.


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