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When a REIA Goes Bad – Midlands REIA – Robert Kim REVIEW SCAM

I have officially withdrawn from Midlands REIA as of Dec 31st 2017.   I have not been able to get Robert Kim to keep his promises made when we started out with Midlands REIA.Robert refuses to return rental equipment and material that belongs both to National REIA and Home Depot.  I have made numerous attempts at working out this situation amicably, but it now has to be settled in a lawsuit. Please find correspondence attached to this email as proof.I highly recommend that you should NOT have any business dealings with Robert Kim.  I have found out he has a pattern of deceit.  Robert did this when he helped Capital City REIA by stealing their email list and other property.  Roberts Kim’s  intentions are not honorable. Please be cautious if you are taking any advice, giving him money or considering any business dealings with him.

Robert Kim’s association with the National Real Estate Investors Association has been terminated!  Any claims he makes otherwise are false.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Duncan Wierman


c/o Linda Cook ,
Robert H. Kim – 109 Stump Road
Lexington SC 29073



Robert Woodruff – NAREIA – North American Real Estate Investors Association

Robert Woodruff was asked to leave the National Real Estate Investors Association for Ethical reasons.

In spite, he started a new organization calling it the North American Real Estate Investors Association   I am sure you can see the potential confusion!

He literally copied logos, text from web pages to start up. He was served Cease and Desist letters to remove trademark and copyrighted content.

More about Robert:

Robert has set up a few small groups of investors but is not gaining any traction.

Hence one night this last week, he went on a drunken rant with 110 text messages to my partner in the Columbia SC “Midlands” REIA. This does not include the negative reviews he posted on our Facebook pages calling us “Low Life REIA”

Enjoy the reading. Have a laugh. You cannot take him seriously.  He threatens to beat us up, bash our heads like Deegan on “The Walking Dead”

Is this the type of guy you want to hang around with? 


UPDATE 4/20/2017


Robert woodruff just opened a new website, He could not even come up with a different name than the existing REIA.  His intent is to cause confusion / and also to steal other people credibility.

He is now hanging out with the likes of Zack Childress.  The guy who STOLE my course, and runs his mouth with my message to his students.  ( see other blog posts) and he clearly states in his message that he will have Virtual Assistant post lies about me.

HAHAHAHAHH – I don’t think people will be that dumb to believe you!4-20-2017 6-47-35 PM

By the way, the plane Robert Woodruff likes to say is his.. and proudly stand in front of.. its not his.. HAHAHHA ..  Check the registration against the TAIL NUMBER

Renatus – Bob Snyder – One More MLM Scam Company

Bobs-Picture_bio-199x300Same thing with a different disguise!

Nouveau Riche (University) was founded in 2000 by Jim and Mary Piccolo with co-founder Bob Snyder.  That company was sued and I believe went bankrupt shortly after that. The partners broke up and went to different states and started everything all over again. Renatus is just Bob Snyder trying it again.  

Should you trust this company, NO!

Scott Rowe is approaching Real Estate Investing Groups trying to recruit them into Renatus. Consider Scott Rowe a henchman or snake oil salesman!


Bob “The General” Snyder the  2nd in command of Nouveau Riche used to fly around in a corporate jet hawking a real estate college that is now defunct.  (The Jet has now been repossessed)

Bob was promoting a campus they were building that never happened. I now see some of the same instructors ( on Youtube) working for Renatus that were with Nouveau Riche.

Read This Article where the founder of Nouveau Riche & a few of the major players now ordered to pay $6 million in restitution.

Mr. Piccolo is a real winner. Piccolo ran into more trouble when he pleaded guilty to the theft of his girlfriend’s new Mercedes-Benz.  Although he denies responsibility now, Piccolo admitted to the court that he had dumped the car in the desert so that his girlfriend could collect an insurance claim of about $24,000. After three years probation, his felony conviction was reduced to a misdemeanor.

Piccolo is now with Real Estate World Wide with Kent Clothier

One of their top hawkers Andrew Yurasek was having multiple properties going to tax auction in South Bend IN. while promoting that real estate college. – Site Now Dead

Arizona Corporations Commission fine

In a February 17, 2011 press release, the Arizona Corporation Commission announced that “[T]he Commission ordered James Piccolo of Scottsdale, Craig Cottrell of Tempe and Michael Roberts of Scottsdale and their affiliated companies to pay $5,577,226 in restitution and a total of $300,000 in administrative penalties for defrauding 105 investors with unregistered deed of trust investments.

The Commission found that the men promoted the unregistered deed of trust investments at real estate education seminars where they convinced students to become investors, promising them double-digit returns.”


Steer clear of any person with Renatus or who was with NouveRiche!

Antony Patrick and Joe Lopez – REI ROAD MAP

2-1-2016 10-20-07 AMI first met Anthony Patrick at a Jeff Adams event.  Anthony said to me that he was doing most of the coaching work for Jeff. He then went on to say he could easily teach the same thing Jeff did from stage since he was a handyman and knew how to look at houses and evaluate them based on Jeff’s methods. He also said Jeff’s students really liked how I was teaching them about generating leads.

After quite a while I decided to give him a chance at one of my training events.  While Anthony was not perfect in knowledge or training, we came to the agreement that under my mentor-ship that he has potential to become a reputable trainer.

Unbeknownst to me that as I was helping him, that he was gathering my materials for his use.  Then I found out that he started using our own website designs and marketing material paid out of our company profits to market his own event.  Anthony then hired a guy Joe Lopez ( who previously sat in on my events – and who only knew how to drive for dollars)  to try and provide the content I created to his attendees.

I later find testimonials that I had shot have been edited and my name removed being used on his website ?   The Joe files a DCMA against me saying that to my host to take my site down because they are his videos ??  WTF

It is with a sad heard that you cannot trust Anthony Patrick or Joe Lopez of   Do not give them ANY of your hard earned money.


Known associates –  Lisa Dinota, Mandy Patrick,  Elvie Gil-Jund, Linda Pliages Keller Williams – Rancho Cucomongo.




2-1-2016 10-09-29 AM

Thieving Guru

What is wrong with this industry.. A “guru” comes to you for  information about how you do something, and the next day .. It shows up on their site.  Then when you confront them about it, they think they did nothing wrong.

The excuse.. Oh my assistant must have taken your contract and put it there.  WTF?

Armando Montelongo: Getting Hammered In The News



Watch the video ..

Forbes Report

TV10 Investigates

Action 9 investigates house flipping TV star

How To Spot A Real Estate Scam Artist

If you’re reading this right now, there is probably no need to tell you that this is a very exciting time to be in real estate. The economy is beginning to pick itself up from the slump it’s been in the last couple of years, but prices in the real estate market are still at historic lows, meaning that investors have the prospect of bringing in an excellent return on their investment in the short to medium term. With so many people interested in the opportunities available, many of whom are newcomers to the world of real estate, scammers and self-appointed “experts” have had a field day and many an unsuspecting, starry-eyed potential real estate investor and their money have been parted.

Naturally, you’d rather steer clear of these kinds of shady operators. Now of course, they’re not all out there with the intention of scamming you, but many of them aren’t nearly as experienced in the market as they would have you think. So how are investors to recognize inept realtors and amateur investors passing themselves off as gurus or out and out scam artists? There are some tell tale signs which you should be aware of and below, we’ll explain a few of the things to watch out for, especially on the web.

One: anyone who uses hyped up, subjective descriptions of themselves or their professional qualifications, especially those which are difficult or impossible to substantiate, is either a scammer or is just trying to hide the fact that they don’t know what they’re talking about.

If you see language like “the leading expert in the field of real estate” or “most highly acclaimed expert”, this should raise a red flag instantly. If you look closely, you’ll see all kinds of baseless claims here – by contrast, real experts will use dry, factual statements about themselves and their careers.

Two: Watch out for anyone who claims to do absurdly large numbers of real estate deals. Keep in mind that these “gurus” don’t have any more hours in the day than you do and if they seem to spend all of their time promoting themselves as real estate investment experts, it’s not likely that they do many, if any real estate deals themselves. Beware anyone who makes these kinds of claims.

Three: If it sounds too good to be true, it is. Look carefully at any testimonials they use online or in their print or broadcast advertisements. If you see claims which just simply sound unrealistic, chances are (and I’m being charitable here, what I mean is CERTAIN) that it’s a scam or an inexperienced real estate investor hoping no one will notice through all of their hype.

Four: Watch out for any of the following words and phrases (this is applicable even outside of the real estate market, so keep these in mind) – they indicate that what you’re looking at is almost surely a scam and is at best a poor investment.

“Sure thing”
“Gold mine”
“Anyone can do it”
“Risk free”

And perhaps the biggest red flag of all….

“This is not a get rich quick scheme”

As an investor or prospective real estate investor, it’s important to be careful. All too many people are lured by these pie in the sky claims and assurances of great financial gains with no risk. Real estate isn’t magic – it’s an investment and there are always risks involved. When you work with a reputable (as in not anyone who makes the kinds of claims we’ve discussed here today) realtor and get your information from real-life real estate investment professionals, you will be able to minimize your risks and increase your odds of bringing in a healthy return on your investment.

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times. If it sounds too good to be true, it is, especially when the subject is real estate. It’s true that it’s a great time to get involved in the market – but as always, you need to be careful if you want to be a successful investor. When it’s your money on the line, it pays to be skeptical: these are words every real estate investor should live by.