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Antony Patrick and Joe Lopez – REI ROAD MAP

2-1-2016 10-20-07 AMI first met Anthony Patrick at a Jeff Adams event.  Anthony said to me that he was doing most of the coaching work for Jeff. He then went on to say he could easily teach the same thing Jeff did from stage since he was a handyman and knew how to look at houses and evaluate them based on Jeff’s methods. He also said Jeff’s students really liked how I was teaching them about generating leads.

After quite a while I decided to give him a chance at one of my training events.  While Anthony was not perfect in knowledge or training, we came to the agreement that under my mentor-ship that he has potential to become a reputable trainer.

Unbeknownst to me that as I was helping him, that he was gathering my materials for his use.  Then I found out that he started using our own website designs and marketing material paid out of our company profits to market his own event.  Anthony then hired a guy Joe Lopez ( who previously sat in on my events – and who only knew how to drive for dollars)  to try and provide the content I created to his attendees.

I later find testimonials that I had shot have been edited and my name removed being used on his website ?   The Joe files a DCMA against me saying that to my host to take my site down because they are his videos ??  WTF

It is with a sad heard that you cannot trust Anthony Patrick or Joe Lopez of   Do not give them ANY of your hard earned money.


Known associates –  Lisa Dinota, Mandy Patrick,  Elvie Gil-Jund, Linda Pliages Keller Williams – Rancho Cucomongo.




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