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Jeremy Brandt – Fast Home Offer –

Warning – Cyber Thief !

Jeremy Brandt is the owner of  FastHomeOffer, 1-800-CashOffer. HomeFlux and  Jeremy Brandt is making a habit of going to every Facebook page owner who uses the words “We Buy Houses” in their marketing statement  claiming it is trademark infringement.   These words cannot be trademarked!   Facebook as a matter of course without any research into the trademark violation claim is removing these pages.  Facebook does no due diligence to confirm his claims.

Beware of  Jeremy Brandt and his unethical company activities.  Obviously Jeremy does not have any marketing knowledge, and its easier for him to make false claims to Facebook the to add value to his marketing.

Trademark Registration of Common Words or Phrases

You cannot in most cases trademark registration  a “common word” or a “common phrase.”    Sometime it is possible BUT this  is NOT one of them. Let me explain:

One example that I like to give is that of Apple Inc..  The word “apple” is a very common word, and yet Apple Inc. had no problem trademarking the term “APPLE” for computers and computer programs. Why was this allowed? Because the word “apple” is an arbitrary word when used in connection with the manufacture and sale of computers and computer programs. That is, there is nothing about computers or computer programs that relates to “apples”. Accordingly, the term “APPLE” is actually a pretty strong trademark, as happens when you apply a completely arbitrary term (however common it may be) to promote your products or services.

The case would be much different if someone wanted to get a trademark on the word “APPLE” in connection with the sale of apples (the fruit). In that case, the name “APPLE” would simply be a generic term for the type of goods being provided, namely, apples. Because of this, the Trademark Office would never issue a federal trademark registration for the term “APPLE” if the only products being provided were fruit products.

Common words or phrases are therefore well within the scope of trademark protection, so long as the words or phrases in question are not generic for the types of products or services being provided.

Jeremy Brandt is nothing but an opportunistic scumbag who is simply trying to gain a market advantage by knocking every investors’ “service” of buying houses off the internet.

Jeremy, if you can’t market your product ethically, then you have no business being in the business and deserve what is coming your way.