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When a REIA Goes Bad – Midlands REIA – Robert Kim REVIEW SCAM

I have officially withdrawn from Midlands REIA as of Dec 31st 2017.   I have not been able to get Robert Kim to keep his promises made when we started out with Midlands REIA.Robert refuses to return rental equipment and material that belongs both to National REIA and Home Depot.  I have made numerous attempts at working out this situation amicably, but it now has to be settled in a lawsuit. Please find correspondence attached to this email as proof.I highly recommend that you should NOT have any business dealings with Robert Kim.  I have found out he has a pattern of deceit.  Robert did this when he helped Capital City REIA by stealing their email list and other property.  Roberts Kim’s  intentions are not honorable. Please be cautious if you are taking any advice, giving him money or considering any business dealings with him.

Robert Kim’s association with the National Real Estate Investors Association has been terminated!  Any claims he makes otherwise are false.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Duncan Wierman


c/o Linda Cook ,
Robert H. Kim – 109 Stump Road
Lexington SC 29073