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Robert Woodruff – NAREIA – North American Real Estate Investors Association

Robert Woodruff was asked to leave the National Real Estate Investors Association for Ethical reasons.

In spite, he started a new organization calling it the North American Real Estate Investors Association   I am sure you can see the potential confusion!

He literally copied logos, text from web pages to start up. He was served Cease and Desist letters to remove trademark and copyrighted content.

More about Robert:

Robert has set up a few small groups of investors but is not gaining any traction.

Hence one night this last week, he went on a drunken rant with 110 text messages to my partner in the Columbia SC “Midlands” REIA. This does not include the negative reviews he posted on our Facebook pages calling us “Low Life REIA”

Enjoy the reading. Have a laugh. You cannot take him seriously.  He threatens to beat us up, bash our heads like Deegan on “The Walking Dead”

Is this the type of guy you want to hang around with? 


UPDATE 4/20/2017


Robert woodruff just opened a new website, He could not even come up with a different name than the existing REIA.  His intent is to cause confusion / and also to steal other people credibility.

He is now hanging out with the likes of Zack Childress.  The guy who STOLE my course, and runs his mouth with my message to his students.  ( see other blog posts) and he clearly states in his message that he will have Virtual Assistant post lies about me.

HAHAHAHAHH – I don’t think people will be that dumb to believe you!4-20-2017 6-47-35 PM

By the way, the plane Robert Woodruff likes to say is his.. and proudly stand in front of.. its not his.. HAHAHHA ..  Check the registration against the TAIL NUMBER