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DC Fawcett Partners with Zack Childress To Offer A Line of Credit ??

Have you been getting inundated lately with email from Zack Childress or another name being used ” Daryl ” ? Take heed, Zack  has partnered up with DC Fawcett of the Karen Hanover Commercial Short Sale fiasco to get money out of your pocket. DC is now calling himself :  Daryl.   DC  ie Daryl  is […]

Personal Review of Zack Childress Launch of AWS – Scam –

In my opinion after watching this launch,  Zack Childress does not have ONE original idea in his head. Even these “revolutionary”  blueprints he came out  with to give away are  NOTHING new.  LOOK AT  THEM.. This has all been said before.  Its also laughable for him to say that you can have these blueprints  in […]

How Zack Turned a Preacher To The Dark Side To Social Proof “His” System

American Greed! It’s all about the money, and while there is nothing wrong with that (as everyone needs to make a living), there is a right and a wrong way to go about it. What if you knew that you were being psychologically “tricked” into purchasing his new Automated Wholesaling System?   Would you really weren’t […]

Why I Think Zack Childress Automated Wholesaling System is Totally BOGUS

WAKE UP! 1. You DO NOT need to buy Real Estate course ! 2. You DO NOT need to listen to another webinar ! 3. You DO NOT need to join another site! 4. You DO NOT need to subscribe another service! 5. You DO NOT need to attend another bootcamp! Let me set the […]


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