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Yet another scam renamed to take advantage of naive real estate investors!

MAPS or AMPS – The Questions You Need To Ask

My issue with MAPS or  AMPS, (whatever the flavor of the day they call it)  is essentially anything you say to the lender that’s not true is fraud,  and it’s even fraud by omission, if you intentionally omit a material fact. 

These clowns who sell mortgage assignment courses go way over the top. You are now seeing copy cat courses pop up.

I expect to see criminal convictions of these information marketers based on how they teach investors how to omit material facts to the bank !

HUD and the FBI are now aware of MAPS/AMPS and the fact that they are  teaching their students to commit fraud.

HERE IS THE TRUTHOnly the lender can approve an assignment of the mortgage. (includes payments) The CYA letter MAPS  uses is going to put you up the creek.  I cant wait to see their CYA challenged in court.  It used to subvert responsibility and conspires with the Seller to conceal.

 Stupid “Gurus..”  

It’s a sad day  when you  speak your mind to provide  a counter point argument and protect the pubic that one is sued!   I am 100% right from a legal stand point!

Ask yourself , Why is Phil trying to hide?   What a childish behavoir! You would think MAPS / AMPS  would stand on its own if it was legit.  His association with JT FOXX  should say enough once you get to his “bootcamp” !