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The scamster continues without Karen Hanover, but uses her tricks.

I cant believe the crock of crap I am seeing in emails coming from this guy.   Did DC not learn his lesson with Karen Hanover?    STOP LYING.  How can you honestly sleep at night telling people made up stories.   Lets actually see  the last deal you did this year!   (not your coaches you are piggy backing off of)   It certainly was not these case studies??? Ask me how I know… How many short sales files are you holding that are not being processed??  You should be ashamed to give people false hope and take their money.  Another disgrace to the industry.

Karen Hanover must have taught him well!

Maybe I should stop being  so cynical…

I just did one deal in the war zone of  South Los Angeles that netted me over $1 billion dollars in 30 days.  

How do you know I’m telling the truth?  Because I’m going to say it out loud on a webinar.

And who would ever lie out loud on a webinar?