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3 Gurus – One Massive Failure – Not One Deal in 7 months


If you have not heard of the guru challenge that appeared last year on Facebook..


Rich Urban (my new hero) said this :

This whole guru challenge thing basically reveals one truth to me. These people on the wholesaling forum that try to portray themselves as “REAL ESTATE GURUS” are only really gurus at getting students. Listen up, because I’m only here to speak the truth. I have nothing to gain from this post other than maybe helping somebody out that’s about to plunk down a few grand on some mentoring. You got Joe McCall.. this guy used the excuse of being out of the country even though his whole system is based on doing deals remotely (LOL) .. he comes back to the USA and still doesn’t get a deal in the area. Even funnier yet, you have a coward likeĀ Todd Toback who enters the competition and then suddenly backs out because “he entered a personal challenge” LOL Guys.. I hate to pull back the curtain but all of these “Gurus” sure as hell sounds like some bullshit to me.

How in the hell has no one closed a deal yet? At least a few hundred thousand dollars should have been made within this time span. It boggles my mind.

End quote ……

I think for the the next competition… they can do better with “who can get a coaching student signed up the fastest” … much more action with the B/S marketing promises!