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Guru Sales Pitches and Products of Shame

Today, I am starting this blog post to name products and gurus whose products are either not worth the money, or their sales pitches are so ludicrous that they should be ashamed of themselves. These products in this post are only meant to take money from you wallet.

It’s about time the FTC cracks down on these so-called “gurus” that make claims that money comes automatically and don’t need work.  There is no push button magic system.  If that was the case .. why would they sell it?  Think about it… we would all be rich!

I believe we have a duty to be honest and help people succeed in real estate investing, not set them up for failure.

If you want to add any sales product or guru name … Leave me a comment below

Duncan’s List products that I don’t recommend.

1. Real Estate Match Maker – http://realestatematchmaker.com/ – Why ?  The sales pitch is so over hyped, you are doomed to fail.

2. Anything Micheal Kimble Promotes! His e-mail sales pitches are over hyped and not realistic. He is not a real estate investor.

3. Zack Childress  – Not one original thought in his head. Copies other courses and software, however the quality of  the work is shocking.

3. More coming soon

Buyer Beware!

Disclaimer:  There are many products I do endorse.  I also have a course that I sell. My intention is not to knock other products to sell my course. I feel for people who get ripped off because they believe in the unethical and dishonest sales pitches